ISSI Johannes Geiss Fellowship for Young Scientists, 2016

ISSI Johannes Geiss Fellowship for Young Scientists, 2016

The International Space Science Institute is offering Johannes Geiss Fellowship for international scientists. Fellowship is awarded in the field of space sciences.

Deadline : March 2, 2016

The International Space Science Institute (ISSI) is an Institute of Advanced Study where scientists from all over the world meet in a multi- and interdisciplinary setting to reach out for new scientific horizons.

The main function of ISSI is to contribute to the achievement of a deeper understanding of the results from different space missions, ground based observations and laboratory experiments, and adding value to those results through multidisciplinary research in the framework of International Teams, Workshops, Working Groups, Forums or as individual Visiting Scientists.

Course Level: Fellowship is available to young scientists for limited duration visits.

Study Subject: Fellowship is awarded in a broad range of space science disciplines.

Scholarship Award: JGF would offer a stipend, paying travel expenses and living expenses for a stay at ISSI of 1-6 months, possibly in several separate intervals, to coincide with time availability on university academic calendars. In return for the stipend, the JGF recipient would be expected to participate actively in the work of ISSI, be available to collaborate with academic and research institutes in Switzerland and neighbouring countries, and possibly give public lectures. This can be done in close collaboration with the Pro ISSI Association. ISSI might also consider involving its branch in China, ISSI-Beijing, in these activities. The JGF can also provide additional funding and support to scientists in sabbatical period.

Scholarship can be taken at: Switzerland and Neighboring Countries

Eligibility: The JGF is established to attract to ISSI-for limited duration visits – international scientists of stature, who can make demonstrable contributions to the ISSI mission and increase ISSI’s stature by their presence and by doing so will honour Johannes Geiss for his founding of ISSI and his contributions to ISSI, and for his many contributions to a broad range of space science disciplines.

Nationality: International scientists can apply for this visiting fellowship.

Research Scholarships

Supporting Material: The required components for complete application packet are as follows:-
-A brief CV of the candidate, including a list of the 10 most relevant publications.
-A brief outline of foreseen research at ISSI and possible collaborations with Swiss and/or other institutions.
-Schedule of the project.
-A declaration of availability for outreach activities.
-Facilities required, e.g., computer equipment, etc.
-Financial support requested from ISSI.
-Address, telephone, e-mail of the candidate.


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