Benefits of the Programs

The scholarship will be awarded as follows:

How to Apply for the Scholarship

For applying to these studentships, candidates are needed to follow these steps:

Step 1: Apply for Admission

Register your interest in this student status by applying for entry to the United Arab Emirates University undergraduate degree coursework. Aspirants will be directly eligible for one of these acceptance scholarships after receiving full-time registration.

Apply for admission

Step 2: Apply for a Scholarship

Eligible students can then apply for the United Arab Emirates University Scholarships through an online process and submit all the required documents.

Apply for scholarship

Step 3: Submit Required Documents

Entry Requirements

Visa Requirements

Students may apply for a Tier 4 general visa after obtaining their Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies three months before the start of the full-time course (CAS). At the same time, for a ‘short-term student visa, those intending to study for a brief duration of about six months or less can apply.

Application deadline: April 30, 2021

Contact address: +971-3-7134343

University location: Sheik Khalifa Bin Zayed St – ‘Asharij – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

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