Học bổng du học Hà Lan- Master

[Học bổng du học Hà Lan- Master]

Leiden University offers excellence scholarships for full-time international students in 2016 academic year. Scholarships are available for pursuing master’s degree program at Leiden University.

University offers a number of general and subject-specific funding schemes. The aim of the scholarships is to attract the best and most motivated people to Netherlands.

Leiden University is one of Europe’s leading international research-intensive universities. This prominent position gives graduates an advantage when applying for positions both within and outside the academic world.

Students of all nationalities enrolling in the advanced master programmes in the listed starting February 2017. Most master’s programmes at Leiden University are taught in English. This means that applicants will need to submit proof of their English-language proficiency, preferably by means of an IELTS test.

Course Level: Scholarships are available for master’s degree programme at Leiden University.

Study Subject(s): Scholarships are awarded for all MA, MSc and LL.M programmes as mentioned on the website master’s programmes in Leiden (for Non-EU/EEA students). Scholarships are awarded in the following programmes (for all nationalities): Advanced Studies in Air & Space Law, Advanced Studies in European & International Business Law, Advanced Studies in International Tax Law, Advanced Studies in Public International Law, Advanced Studies in International Civil & Commercial Law, Advanced Studies in Law & Digital Technologies, Advanced Studies in Law & Digital Technologies, Advanced Studies in European & International Human Rights Law, Advanced Studies in International Children’s Rights, International Relations & Diplomacy and Advanced Studies in International Children’s Rights.

Scholarship Award:The Leiden University Excellence Scholarship programme has 3 awards:
-€ 10.000 of the tuition fee 
-€ 15.000 of the tuition fee 
-Total tuition fee minus the statutory tuition fee (also referred to as home fee)
The number and type of award of the scholarship depends on the budget available for each Faculty department. The type of award has no reflection on the students’ academic level of excellence. Please be aware that the LExS is not a full scholarship.

Scholarship Application Deadline:

Deadline for all programmes except law: 1 February 2016 starting in September 2016.

Deadline for law programmes: 1 March 2016 for programmes starting in September 2016.

Deadline 1 October 2016 for all programmes starting in February 2017.

Read more: Leiden University Excellence Scholarships Programme, 2016 Scholarship Positions 2016 2017

Link: http://prospectivestudents.leiden.edu/scholarships/scholarship/lexs.html

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