PhD Programs in Human Rights 2017

1. PhD Studies in Human Rights Studies at Lund University

The PhD Studies in Human Rights at the University of Lund focuses on the field of Human Rights from a multidisciplinary perspective. This PhD is ideal for students who want to engage with human rights on a historical, legal, political and philosophical level and explore the field from a multitude of angles. The university is specifically looking for proposals from students which match their research interest in human rights and activism, women’s rights, freedom of religion, citizenship and nationality as well as rights discourses in civil society. The program also provides you with a pedagogical training, which is perfect if you want to teach in higher education.

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2. Center for Human Rights runs a Joint Ph.D. program in ‘Peace, Federalism and Human Rights’

The PhD program titled ‘Peace, Federalism and Human Rights’ is a joint program given by the Center for Human Rights, the Institute of Federal Studies and the Institute of Peace and Security. This program’s aim is to bring forth researches and teachers in the field of peace, human rights and federalism as well as to promote interdisciplinary research between those fields. When you complete your studies you will therefore be able to work as an expert in the field of conflict management, but you can also become a teacher in higher education.

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3. PhD in Political Science — Human Rights Minor at the Central European University in Hungary

This PhD program is especially interesting for students who have an interest in political science as well as human rights. The program focuses on research related to political institutions and their processes, political philosophy, public policy and political and economic sociology. The human rights minor looks at the interaction between politics and human rights. This program will give students detailed knowledge about politics and ethics and is therefore perfect for students who want to work in government agencies or non-profit organizations.

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4. PhD in Human Rights and Peace Studies (International Program) at Mahidol University in Thailand

This PhD program is at the moment the only PhD in human rights in Asia and is primarily focused on the interdisciplinary field of human rights and peace. Students will get in-depth knowledge about theories and concepts of human rights and peace as well as research skills. The program is very academically orientated and is therefore perfect for students who want to conduct an academic career.
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5. Research PhD in Law at the University of Leeds in England

The PhD program at the Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law at the University of Leeds is largely focused on research and is perfect for students who want to start a career in academics. The Faculty has five main research fields, which are Business Law and Practice, Criminal Justice studies, Law and Social Justice, Law and Emerging Technologies and Disability Law. In order to apply for this program, you must have a research proposal which fits within one of the five fields. Admission is based on the quality of your research proposal and the relevance of the research. Students will receive guidance from two supervisors whom are experts in the field of the topic of the PhD thesis. There are several professors on the list of possible supervisors who specialize in fields such as (international) human rights law, social justice, non-discrimination and other relevant fields for students who want an academic human rights career.
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6. PhD at the School of Law at the University of Liverpool in England

The PhD program at the School of Law of the University of Liverpool is a very suitable program for students looking to start an academic career in human rights law. The School of Law has a wide variety of research interests and students are encouraged to identify potential supervisors based on their research topics. There are several academic and research staff members who focus on human rights related topics such as human rights law, children’s rights, the rights of minorities and the rights of refugees. The University of Liverpool encourages students to contact potential supervisors and discuss their research proposal before applying, which could be useful to identify points in your research proposal that need some improvement.

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