PhD position in material science and mechanical engineering- ETH Zürich

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Inspire AG is a technology transfer organisation with strong links to ETH Zürich.  The Inspire Centre for Mechanical Integrity (ICMI) was established at the beginning of 2012 and aims to develop and provide mechanical integrity solutions for a wide range of applications in a way which is underpinned by fundamental research.  ICMI operates in a close collaboration with the High Temperature Integrity Group (HTIG) of EMPA (Dübendorf).  It currently offers a PhD position on:

Physical-microstructurally based modelling of primary creep persistency

Project Description

The project aims to gain a fundamental understanding of the physics of high temperature viscoplastic deformation under cyclic stress conditions based on comprehensive high temperature mechanical testing and advanced microstructural analyses (e.g. TEM, SEM-ECCI/EBSD and neutron diffraction).  The gained knowledge will then be employed to develop physically-based constitutive model equations for describing the evolution of microstructural features (e.g. densities of different types of dislocations) and mechanical behaviour of the materials under high temperature cyclic loading conditions.  The Annex gives a summary of the research proposal.

Through this PhD study, the student will gain skills and knowledge in different microstructural analysis techniques, advanced mechanical analysis, high temperature mechanical testing and physical-microstructurally based modelling of inelastic deformation.

The successful candidate of the PhD position will be awarded a PhD degree from Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering of ETH Zürich.

We are looking for an outstanding candidate with a solid background in material science and mechanical engineering with excellent academic qualifications, good communication skills and a strong self-motivation.  In addition, enthusiasm and talent to engage in challenging scientific questions and the underlying mechanisms as well as in theoretical/modelling aspects are required.  Experience in one or more of a) microstructural analysis techniques (e.g. TEM, SEM-ECCI/EBSD and neutron/X-ray diffraction), b) physically-based constitutive modelling (e.g. dislocation based modelling), c) high temperature mechanical testing and d) crystal plasticity modelling will be an advantage.  Programming experience as well as excellent written and verbal English is required.

Please submit your application including a comprehensive CV, publication list, BSc and MSc transcripts,  English language test result (if available) and a “statement of motivation” (less than 2 pages) outlining your research interests and motivation in particular in relation to the current PhD position to Dr. Ehsan Hosseini (



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