Ph.D /Joint Master-Ph.D Program with Full Research Scholarships in South Korea, 2017- Artificial Intelligence/Big Data and Data Mining

Positions for Ph.D.1 or Joint Master-Ph.D program with full research scholarship announcement on Computer Science Graduate Studies in Chungbuk National University, South Korea

Research areas:
(1) Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Deep Learning)
(2) Big Data and Data Mining

1. Qualifications
1) Graduated or will graduate with a bachelor or master degree in the major areas of
Computer Science, Information Science, and other IT related majors)
2) Must have IBT score of 80 (IELTS 6.0) or higher. (You can submit later)
3) Must have superior GPA
4) Must have excellent research skills and strong motivation towards Ph.D.
5) Must have good publication from M.S. research (For applicants for Ph.D program)

2. Research Areas of (1) Artificial Intelligence
1) Deep learning and neural networks for computer vision, and natural language processing
2) Topic modeling, probabilistic graphical models for sequential data and dynamic systems,
3) Meta-heuristic algorithms, reinforcement learning, game algorithms, knowledge engineering
4) Parallel computation for AI systems with GPU programing, OpenMPI, and OpenMP
5) Requirement: Familiar with programming languages and fundamental theories in computer science

3. Research Areas of (2) Big Data and Data Mining
1) Big data processing framework and platform: Hadoop MapReduce, Spark, Hadoop cluster
2) Data mining algorithms, Data visualization, Practical big data analysis for scientific and industrial data
3) Pattern mining and intelligent services for IoT(Internet of Things) and Stream data
4) Big data modeling and big data quality management
5) Requirement: Familiar with programming languages and fundamental theories in computer science

3. Required Documents: Send via e-mail (
1) CV (Curriculum Vitae) including photo, experience, contact address, birth data.
2) A copy of a transcript, A copy of graduation certificate
4) A copy of official English test score sheet such as IBT or IELTS (if available)
5) 3 Reference letters from your professors, and Application forms for Chungbuk National University

4. Benefits
1) Financial Support: Research Scholarship covering tuition fees and living expenses
2) Housing: Every admitted student will be assigned a university housing (dormitory)

6. Contact Information
Keon Myung Lee, Ph.D. Professor
Dept. of Computer Science, Chungbuk National University

In the Artificial Intelligence Lab., Prof. Keon Myung Lee
Dept. of Computer Science, Chungbuk National University, Cheongju, South Korea.

How to Apply:
Email your CV and GPA transcript to Prof. Keon Myung Lee (

Application Deadline: September 30th, 2016 (2017 January Admission)

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