If you’ve excelled in your previous study, then you can apply for the opportunity s at the Hof University of Applied Sciences.

The grant is available for those candidates who want to study the bachelor degree program at the university for the session 2021-2022.

Hof University of Applied Sciences is a public non-profit business and technical vocational university. It pays special attention to the practical orientation of all courses and assignments. The university is known for our friendly study atmosphere.

Why study at the Hof University of Applied Sciences? While studying at this university, candidates can get intensive personal support during their studies. It offers modern Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in the departments of Business, Computer Science and Engineering.

Application Deadline: October 31th, 2021


How to Apply

Benefits: The successful scholar will get the amount worth up to between 100, 00 € – 659, 00 € per month.

Apply Now

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