Học bổng PhD tại Ghent University- Bỉ – Biochemistry and Biotechnology- Biochemical Engineering- Bioscience engineering

Học bổng PhD tại Ghent University- Bỉ 

Job description

A PhD position is available at the Laboratory for Protein Biochemistry and Biomolecular Engineering (L-ProBE) in the framework of a FISCH project “Enzymase” (UGent promoter : Bart Devreese). This is a collaboration between three Flemish Scientific institutes (Vito, UA, Ugent) with a number of Flanders based industrial partners, looking for a transition to sustainable production methods. Enzymatically catalyzed reactions show some distinct advantages over chemically catalyzed processes. The combination of processing at relatively low temperature and the high (stereo)selectivity of enzymes due to their complex 3D structure results in a reduced amount of side products and thus simplified downstream processing. Additionally, challenging structures for chemical processing, thus very specific and/or complex molecules, can potentially be manufactured in a reduced amount of unit step operations. In Flanders, industrially applied biocatalysis processes are very limited and this project aims to facilitate and broaden the pathway towards more sustainable industrial processing via enzymes.

L-ProBE will be involved in protein expression/purification, engineering and lab scale production of a panel of enzymes (hydolases, oxidoreductases) and enzyme kinetic studies.

Profile of the candidate

We are inviting applications from excellent graduates in Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Biochemical Engineering, Bioscience engineering or a related diploma with scientific interest in and preferably practical experience in protein engineering, protein production and purification, and/or enzymology

A recently obtained Master of Science level is mandatory; researchers can be of any nationality.

We expect the following skills from the applicants:

  • Good knowledge of molecular biology, genetic engineering, protein structure and function, enzymology
  • Experience with molecular biology, protein expression and purification (hosts : E. coli, P. pastoris), protein engineering and/or enzymology
  • Good communication skills including very good knowledge of the English language, both written and verbal.. Knowledge of Dutch is a plus.
  • A creative, critical and analytical mindset is necessary, together with the ability to work independently.

How to apply

We are looking forward to receiving your CV and application letter, which should include publication list/transcripts and grades.

Applications should be sent by email, before December 15, 2016 to .

The PhD student can start in January 2017.

Link: Click Here

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