Học bổng du học Úc – Data mining, predictive modelling, machine learning, and bioinformatics


University of South Australia (UniSA)

UniSA is one of Australia’s world-leaders in teaching and research, with proven high standards of academic excellence in engineering and technology. Despite being a young university under 50 years old, the University has received a range of awards for outstanding education, student and graduate satisfaction, and world-class research. UniSA is ranked 24 in the QS World’s Top 50 universities under 50 years old.

Data Analytics Group (DAG)

DAG is a fast growing research group within the Advanced Computing Research Centre. It is a strong team in data management and data analytics. The group’s research has been supported by nine Australian Research Council (ARC) discovery grants, and their research results have been published widely in top international journals and conferences.

The primary research interest of DAG is in extracting actionable information from complicated data to help with decision-making and automation. Our research topics include data mining, predictive modelling, machine learning, and bioinformatics.

We welcome strong candidates to join our group as PhD students, visiting scholars, or visiting/intern students.

Scholarship Programs and Financial Support

PhD students:

  1. For students who have got scholarships, (e.g. Australia Awards, Endeavour, 911), DAG will provide a top up scholarship of AUD 10,000/year.
  1. For students who are high achievers, e.g. already have a Master degree with decent publications, DAG will support them to apply for Australian government scholarships, (e.g. Endeavour, IPRS) and UniSA scholarships (e.g. UPS). Top up scholarships are also available for outstanding candidates.

Visiting Scholars

  1. Researchers in the fields of data mining and/or bioinformatics are encouraged to apply for financial support to join DAG as visiting scholars. A visiting scholar is expected to work in one of our current projects. The successful applicant will receive a stipend of $24,000/year, return air-tickets, and health insurance.
  1. Self-funded researchers who are interested in collaborating with us are welcome.

Visiting Students

  1. Students who are currently doing PhD/Master in Vietnam and would like to spend 6 month to1 year as visiting students in our group are encouraged to contact us to apply for financial support. The successful applicants will receive stipends of $24,000/year, return air-tickets, and health insurance. Visiting students are expected to work under the supervision of DAG researchers, and after they have finished their visiting study at DAG, they must continue working on the same research topic during their PhD/Master study.
  1. Self-funded students are welcome to join us. They will be co-supervised by researchers at DAG.

Mentoring Program

  1. Mentoring program is available for students who are doing Master/Bachelor in Vietnam and would like to do research with us to get publications with the aim to apply for PhD scholarships in near future. We can help with research ideas and supervise (remotely) the students to produce joint publications. High performance students will be supported to apply for one of the above PhD scholarship programs in our group.
  1. For students who are doing PhD in Vietnam and would like to do research in one of our research projects, we are happy to discuss with their supervisors to co-mentor the students.

Background requirements and selection criteria

  1. A strong undergraduate and/or graduate mathematics background.
  2. Good written and verbal communication skills in English. (equivalent to the level of IELTS 6.0 as the minimum)
  3. A demonstrated ability to program and/or write software.
  4. Demonstrated high level interpersonal skills that contribute to effective team work.
  5. Knowledge in data mining / machine learning.
  6. Knowledge in Biology is a plus but not compulsory.


Interested candidates please send your CV and a letter addressing the selection criteria and mentioning which program you would like to apply for to:

Dr Thuc Le (Thuc.Le@unisa.edu.au). Homepage: Click Here 

Prof. Jiuyong Li (Jiuyong.Li@unisa.edu.au). Homepage: Click Here 

Dr. Thuc Le and Prof. Li will be in Ha Noi and HCMC from 12 Dec to 16 Dec 2016. 

Source: Mrs. Trang Hoang (trang.hoang@helpscholarships.com)


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