EPFL-PhD Student in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering

LMER is a research group of EPFL / Chemical Engineering focusing on the science and technology of renewable energy storage. We are located in the Energypolis Buildings of EPFL Valais/Wallis in Sion. Our research focuses on materials for energy storage, i.e. hydrogen and the synthesis of hydrocarbons. Therefore, we investigate the interaction of gases with the surface and the volume of bulk- and nano-materials in different media. The open PhD position is on the electrochemical reduction reaction of CO2 with hydrogen in the aqueous electrolyte and investigation of C-H and C-C coupling mechanism.

Your Tasks
• Develop, design and build an electrochemical cell with in -situ Raman spectroscopy for the investigation of the CO2 reduction reaction on well defined metal and metal oxide surfaces.
• Investigate the electrode materials ex-situ with X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.
• Synthesize new intermetallic compounds as catalytic electrode materials
• Analyzing of the electrode reactions in-situ at the synchrotron
• The PhD has to be completed in max. 3.5 years.

Your Profile
• You have a degree in chemical engineering, physical chemistry or a related field.
• You are a top-level student aiming to reach the group of world leading scientist.
• You are highly motivated and focus driven person able to solve a variety of scientific and technical challenges.
• You are independent and at the same time an excellent team worker.
• You are ready to work beyond the contract and commit yourself to the global competition in science.
• You are able to handle responsibility and you grow on your challenges and achievements.



Chúng tôi có thể giúp Review profile của những bạn ứng viên Việt Nam tiềm năng trước khi bạn apply trực tiếp vào học bổng này. Người Review là 1 bạn đang làm Post-doc tại EPFL- Thụy Sĩ, ngành Chemistry. Nếu profile ổn, bạn ấy sẽ cầm trực tiếp gửi sang Lab của Giáo sư.


Email: hoai.tran@helpscholarships.com


Our offer 

• Modern equipment in a brand new laboratory
• A highly dynamic, modern top-level scientific environment
• Exposure to multi-disciplinary research projects from basic research to applications
• Interesting work conditions and flexibility
• Our limit is only the impossible.

Activity rate: 100%

Place of work: EPFL Valais/Wallis, Sion

Start date: immediately or to be defined

Contacts: For complementary information, please contact Prof. Dr. Andreas Züttel per e-mail: lmer@epfl.ch
Sending of applications: We look forward to receiving your offers, by email only to lmer@epfl.ch with a motivation letter, a curriculum vitae, and copies of certificates and references.
To be mentioned in your e-mail subject: Application PhD Elchem. CO2 red. LMER position
Email not containing this mention will not be taken into account


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