Cơ hội thực tập cho Nestlé R&D tại Pháp nghiên cứu về cafe Việt Nam (Robusta) từ 4-9/2019

Có bạn nào quan tâm làm thực tập cho Nestlé R&D nghiên cứu về cafe thì liên hệ nhé !
I am working on coffee and we have the opportunity to study Vietnamese coffee clones used for the Robusta production. We are just coming back from Buôn Ma Thuột with some leaf material.

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I was wondering whether you would be interested in doing your Master internship with us, in collaboration with Nestlé R&D and CIRAD, on the genetic characterisation of these clones using both SSR and resequencing data, including an historical aspect ?

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Please let me know if you are interested and we can further discuss the subject together.

Best regards
Valérie Poncet

Valérie Poncet, PhD
Centre IRD de Montpellier
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