2017 CBS Ph.D. Scholarship in Political Science and Public Management, Denmark

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The Copenhagen Business School invites applications for a three-year position as a funded PhD scholar. The position is associated with the new Rewards at the Top project, which is hosted at the Department of Business and Politics of the Copenhagen Business School.
Politicians’ remuneration is a key element in the implicit contract between politicians and the people. The project is studying how people are willing to reward politicians, by how much they are willing to reward, which rewards politicians themselves prefer, and what rewards politicians get in practice. Thus the project’s main objective is to gain an understanding of the preferences of both the population and politicians for politicians’ remuneration, as well as what drives these preferences, and a more nuanced understanding of both the positive and negative rewards linked to being a politician. Such an understanding may be relevant to future debates about the extent to which and how we should remunerate our politicians – a question that is central to democratic political thinking.

The project will commence on February 1 2017. Professor Lene Holm Pedersen is the PI of the project. Please consult the project and work package presentation here in preparing proposals. You may also consult the web-site of the project. The PhD scholarship will be within the work package on preferences for rewards at the top (WPI). We are looking for candidates with strong analytical and methodological skills as well as an interest and experience in Political Science and Public Management. Knowledge of elite studies is an advantage, but not absolutely necessary. The position requires a candidate able and eager to engage and apply quantitative methods. We use survey methods and a discrete choice experimental approach, which is widely used within a wide range of scientific fields but has only recently been introduced to the field of political science.  Advanced competence in these specific methods is not required but strong quantitative skills in general are necessary. In preparing a research proposal, candidates should demonstrate their ability to contribute to and enrich the principal components of the research project, as well as intellectual independence.

To fulfil the research requirements of the position, the successful candidate is expected to be physically present on a regular basis and actively participate in the research activities of the Department of Business and Politics. The three-year PhD programme at CBS allows PhD students to conduct research under the supervision of CBS professors, supported by research training courses usually organized through the Doctoral School of Organisation and Management Studies (OMS). The programme is highly international, and the successful candidate will be expected to participate in international research conferences and to spend time abroad as a visiting PhD student. See the CBS homepage for more information about thePhD programme.

CBS PhD graduates are held in high esteem not only in academia and research institutions but also in government and business where their research qualifications are increasingly demanded. One third of CBS PhD graduates go on to employment outside universities and public research institutions.

Copenhagen Business School has a broad commitment to the excellence, distinctiveness and relevance of its teaching and research programmes. Candidates who wish to join us should demonstrate enthusiasm for working in an organisation of this type (highlighting, for example, relevant business, educational and dissemination activities).

For further information please contact: Professor Lene Holm Pedersen, e-mail lhp.dbp@cbs.dk, or Head of Secretariat Bo Bøgeskov bb.dbp@cbs.dk. Information about the department may be found here.

General information:

A PhD scholarship runs for a period of 3 years, and includes teaching obligations equivalent to ½ year’s work (840 work hours). The scholarships are fully salaried positions, according to the national Danish collective agreement. The scholarship includes the tuition fees, office space, travel grants plus a salary, currently starting with per month app. DKK 23.770 up to DKK 28.964 depending on seniority, plus a pension contribution totaling 17,1 % of 85 per cent of the base salary.

The salary level and appointment is determined by the Ministry of Finance’s collective agreement with the Central Academic Organisation.

The PhD student will be enrolled at Doctoral School in Organisation and Management Studies.

To be considered, the candidate should have a basic training at the Masters level (similar to the 3 + 2 Bologna process). An educational background in the social sciences is necessary. The applicant must have successfully completed the Master degree before commencing PhD at CBS. The applicants must be fluent in English.

The application (see link below) must include a 5 page project description. This research proposal should contain a presentation of an original research question, a description of the initial theoretical framework and methodology, a presentation of the suggested empirical material as well as a work-plan.

In addition to the research proposal, the application must include the completed application form, copies of a Master’s degree certificate or other certificates of a corresponding level, brief curriculum vitae (CV), a list of papers and publications, and one copy of a selected written work (e.g. Master’s thesis).

Furthermore applicants with foreign degrees are encouraged to obtain the recognition of their qualifications byThe Danish Agency for International Education that provides assessments of non-Danish degrees, diplomas and certificates and gives information about international recognition of qualifications. The recognition of foreign qualifications can take up to 2 months. It is possible to send the recognition after the deadline to lhp.dbp@cbs.dk or bb.dbp@cbs.dk (max one month) if necessary. Applicants are encouraged to translate their master diplomas.

A committee of experts in the field in question will assess the applications. The assessment of the applicants will be based on the quality and relevance of the project, including an evaluation of the applicant’s ability to accomplish it. Following this assessment, the management of the department will select the successful candidate.

Please find the compulsory application form, guidelines, and further information on scholarships and the Doctoral Programme.

Closing date: December 31 2016. 

Link: Click Here

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