MSF Communications – International Human Resources Projects Internship in Switzerland, 2018 Field of Internship: Communications Intern – International Human Resources Projects. The successful candidate will gain experience in many aspects of internal HR-focused communication for a large international non-governmental organization. Course Level: Internship Internship Provider: Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Internship can be taken in Geneva, Switzerland Internship Application Deadline: Internship application deadline is January 7, 2018. Link: Click Here ĐĂNG KÍ TÌM MENTOR NGAY-CLICK HERE CERN Openlab Summer Students Internship in Switzerland, 2018 Field of Internship: Students will work on advanced IT projects. Course Level: Internship Internship Provider: CERN and the CERN open lab Internship can be taken in Switzerland Internship Application Deadline: Internship application deadline is February 19, 2018. Link: Click Here ĐĂNG KÍ HỌC NGAY- CLICK HERE INTERPOL Internship for Member Countries’ Students in France, 2018 Field of Internship: Applicants […]

Up to 100 Knight Hennessy Scholarships are now available to pursue any graduate degree at Stanford in the USA. Students from around the world are eligible to apply for this scholarship programme. The aim of the scholarship is to call students from around the world to receive full funding to pursue a wide?ranging graduate education at Stanford, with the goal of developing a new generation of global leaders. Stanford University – with seven world-class graduate schools that foster service, collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship – is uniquely positioned to fill this need. The Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program will empower an exceptional cohort of graduate students to effect large-scale positive impact across the globe. Course Level: Scholarships are available to pursue Graduate (PhD) degree programme. Study Subject: Scholarships are awarded to pursue any […]

Details The Department of Business Management is offering up to three PhD scholarships to start in the academic year 2017-18.  The term of the scholarships is three years. Successful candidates will be expected to make a contribution to activities in the Department in return for a fee-waiver, an annual  maintenance allowance (currently set at £14,296 for 2016-17) and a research support allowance of £2,250 over the registered period of study. We would welcome applications in any of the project areas which are listed below:  Marketing Group: Reference: MG-1: Considering the international response to climate change, consumer research is required upon which to base adaptation strategies, in addition to those aiming for mitigation.  This PhD will focus on consumption moderation by examining domain-specific processes used to adjust the utility gained from […]


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