[Học bổng du học Pháp- Master- Exact Sciences, the Arts, and Human and Social Sciences ] The ENS de Lyon and its partners offer scholarships for excellent international students to enrol in its Masters programs in the Exact Sciences, the Arts, and Human and Social Sciences (excluding Professional Masters in teaching). Scholarships are open for foreign students. Duration of the scholarship programme is 12 months and covers 1000€/month. The application deadline is January 16th 2016. Study Subject(s): Scholarships are awarded in the Exact Sciences, the Arts, and Human and Social Sciences (excluding Professional Masters in teaching).Course Level: Scholarships are provided for masters level of study.Scholarship Provider: The ENS de LyonScholarship can be taken at: France Eligibility: -Masters Years 1 or 2 (M1, M2)– Candidate for admission in Masters Year 1: provide proof that you have obtained […]

IRISH GOVERNMENT TECHNICAL SCHOLARSHIP 2016-2017 OPEN TO PUBLIC SECTOR DEADLINE: 31 DECEMBER 2015 Ireland is a destination for world class third level education in an English-speaking country renowned for its friendliness and safety. Irish Aid offers a number of scholarships to Vietnamese students every year. The Irish Aid IDEAS (Development Experience and Sharing Programme) scholarship programme is calling for applications for the academic year 2016-2017 by candidates from Vietnam to undertake postgraduate study in higher education institutions in Ireland in technical areas for example, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Social Studies and Food Science. Additionally there will be 1 (or maximum 2) scholarship in Applied Linguistics for English Language lecturers from targeted institutions. Applicants from all universities, research institutes and government agencies can apply. The total number of […]

Wellcome Trust is offering awards for research applicants from a low- or middle-income country within Sub-Saharan Africa, South-east Asia or South Asia. The audience for the project, and the engagement activity, must be in a low- or middle-income country within Sub-Saharan Africa, South-east Asia or South Asia that is also eligible for Investigator Awards within the broader remit of the Trust (but also including India).  The scheme is open to a range of potential applicants, including scientists and health researchers, NGOs, educators, artists, theater practitioners, and cultural and community organisations.  The deadlines for sending expressions of interest for each funding round are: 19 February 2016 and 19 August 2016. Study Subject(s): The Wellcome Trust International Engagement Awards provide funding for innovative public or community engagement projects that explore biomedical research or health in Africa […]

[Học bổng du học Hà Lan- BA Liberal Arts and Sciences and BA Online Culture: Art, Media and Society] Tilburg University is inviting applications for scholarships in Liberal Arts and Sciences for the academic year 2016-2017. Three scholarships are available for excellent non-EEA students who are admitted to an undergraduate program at the Tilburg School of Humanities (i.e., BA Liberal Arts and Sciences and BA Online Culture: Art, Media and Society). The application deadline is 1 April 2016. Study Subject(s): The scholarship is to study BA Liberal Arts and Sciences and BA Online Culture: Art, Media and Society. Course Level: The scholarship is to pursue undergraduate program. Scholarship Provider: Tilburg University Scholarship can be taken at: Netherlands Link: https://www.tilburguniversity.edu/education/bachelors-programs/liberal-arts-and-sciences/admission-and-application/scholarships/

2016 KF Fellowship for Korean Language Training  Since 1993, the Korea Foundation has offered an annual fellowship program for Korean language training for the general promotion and dissemination of the Korean language, which is the basis of promoting Korean studies and Korea-related activities overseas. In accordance with the guidelines listed below, the Foundation is currently accepting applications for its 2016 KLT program. ◈ Program Goal This program provides an opportunity for graduate students of Korean studies overseas, Korean studies researchers and those working in Korea-related fields to learn Korean in an intensive immersion program at a university in Korea for at least six months. ◈ Eligible Applicants  Persons majoring in Korean studies (eligible areas: humanities, social sciences, culture/arts), are currently involved in Korea-related research, or work in Korea-related fields who correspond to one of […]

[Học bổng du học Nhật Bản- nghiên cứu về ngôn ngữ& văn hóa Nhật Bản] Hakuho Foundation is offering residential research fellowships for international researchers at the one of the participating organizations in Japan. International researchers working in the fields of Japanese language, Japanese language education, Japanese literature or Japanese culture, university professors, associate professors and assistant professors who have outstanding research results that have future potential, and other persons with equivalent research backgrounds, are eligible to apply. A total of around 15 fellows are invited per year. The application deadline is October 30, 2015. Study Subject(s): Fellowships are awarded for Japanese language and Japanese language education research and Japanese literature and Japanese culture research. Course Level: Fellowships are available to conduct residential research at the one of the following receiving organizations: […]

Applications are open for Heinrich Boll Foundation scholarships available for German and international students. The foundation grant scholarships to approximately 1,000 for pursuing undergraduate, graduate & doctoral programme in all subjects offered at universities of applied sciences or universities of the arts in Germany. There are two types of scholarships i.e. student scholarship and doctoral scholarship which is offered for those students who gained their university entrance qualification in Germany to study in Germany or EU country and for those students who gained their university entrance qualification outside of Germany to pursue studies in Germany. Study Subject(s): Scholarships are awarded in all subjects offered at universities of applied sciences or universities of the arts in Germany. Course Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree. Scholarship Provider: The Heinrich Boll Foundation Link: https://www.boell.de/en/scholarships/scholarships.html

[Học bổng du học Canada- PhD/Post Doc] 2016-2017 Quebec MELS Merit Scholarship Program for Foreign Students, Canada (health, humanities and social sciences, arts and letters, natural sciences, and engineering) Applications are invited for Quebec Merit Scholarship Program available for foreign nationals to undertake doctoral research, postdoctoral and short term research program in Québec. Candidates cannot apply directly to the agency they must be nominated by a University. Doctoral Research Scholarship is valued at $25,000 per year, postdoctoral fellowship is valued at $35,000 per year and short-term research or professional development is valued at $3,000 a month. Only candidates nominated by a University may submit an application to the provincial competition. The deadline for sending scholarship applications is November 1st, 2015 Link: http://www.frqnt.gouv.qc.ca/en/bourses-et-subventions/consulter-les-programmes-remplir-une-demande/bourse/merit-scholarship-program-for-foreign-students-f9tcxbzm1430400825724

IISS Competition Scholarships for Italian and Non-Italian Students, 2015-2016 Italian Institute for Historical Studies is awarding up to fifteen competition scholarships for Italian and Non-Italian graduates and doctors. Scholarships are awarded in the disciplines of history, philosophy and literature. Candidates must be less than 32 years of age by the date of 1 September 2015 and have discussed their final university dissertation before the final application date. The scholarship will be paid to the successful candidates in twelve monthly installments starting from November 2015. The application deadline is 1 September 2015 Study Subject(s): Scholarships are awarded in the disciplines of history, philosophy and literature. Course Level: Scholarships are available for graduates and doctors to carry out research projects at the Italian Institute for Historical Studies. Eligibility: – Candidates must be less than […]

2015 Mexican Government Excellence Scholarship Program for Foreign Students, Mexico Mexican Government is offering excellence scholarship program for foreign students. Scholarships are available for special programs (Visiting Professors, High-level Conferences, Genaro Estrada Scholarship for Specialists in Mexican Studies, Artist Residencies, Media Residencies and Improving the Quality of Mexican Secondary and Higher Education Institutions) at Mexican host institutes. The scholarships are not transferable and cannot be deferred to future years. Two people cannot be awarded a scholarship for the same project. The application deadline is August 14, 2015. Study Subject (s): Visiting Professors program is available to give special lectures, courses, workshops, seminars, etc. in Mexican universities or research centers. High-level Conferences is available give the high-level conference, Genaro Estrada Scholarship is awarded in Mexican Studies, Artist Residencies is available in the field of artistic work, Media Residencies is available to media professionals (print or electronic) […]

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