<Học bổng du học Đan Mạch 2016> Copenhagen Business School, Department of Organization invites applications for a vacant PhD scholarship in organization studies. In announcing a PhD scholarship in organization studies, the department wishes to strengthen interdisciplinary research in organizing processes and organizational life. Examples of research themes within the area of organization studies are: Organization of distributed tasks and forms of expertise Balancing of social, technical and ethical concerns in organizations The role of time and space in organizations Consequences of new technology or standards in organizations The role of theory and method in organization studies Department of Organization (IOA) pursues a problem-oriented, business in society approach to understanding and intervening in organizations and organizational life. Our research is driven by an interest in organization as a practical, situated, […]

Thông báo đến tất cả sinh viên mong muốn học tiến sỹ tại Canada! Chúng tôi vui mừng thông báo kỳ xét tuyển Chương trình học bổng tiến sỹ Vanier tại Canada hiện đã bắt đầu nhận hồ sơ của sinh viên quốc tế mong muốn học tập hoặc nghiên cứu tại Canada trong các lĩnh vực: sức khỏe; khoa học tự nhiên và/hoặc kỹ thuật; và khoa học xã hội và/hoặc nhân văn. Giá trị học bổng lên đến 50.000 đô-la Canada/năm cho chương trình tiến sĩ 3 năm. Hạn chót của kỳ xét tuyển 2016-2017 là ngày 2 tháng 11 năm 2016. Mời bạn xem thông tin chi tiết tạihttp://www.vanier.gc.ca/en/home-accueil.html (tiếng Anh) hoặchttp://www.vanier.gc.ca/fr/home-accueil.html (tiếng Pháp) ——————–Calling all PhD students interested in studying in Canada! We are delighted to […]

[Học bổng du học Hà Lan– MA program in Development Studies] International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) is providing financial support to students through its two funds i.e. ISS Scholarship Fund for Excellent Students and ISS Hardship Fund. Both funds are open for international and dutch students for pursuing MA program in Development Studies. ISS is an international graduate school of policy-oriented critical social science. It brings together students and teachers from the Global South and the North in a European environment. These funds have been established to support students without any other form of scholarship. Both funds are open to Dutch as well as international students who wish to enroll in the MA in Development Studies. Applicants are required to submit TOEFL score: for the paper test (PBT) 580; for the computer-based test […]

Học bổng du học Pháp EXCELLENCE SCHOLARSHIPS 2016 Link: http://www.unilim.fr/international/2016/02/01/bourses-excellence-2016-unilim/ Value: 2500 € ou 5000 € Deadline: March 30th 2016 Fields: Art, language and humanities/Life & health sciences/Materials/Banking and Finance/Information & communication technologies (ICT’s) Law The University of Limoges offers for the universitary year 2016/2017 an annual program of Excellence scholarships in partnership with its Foundation. RULES Excellence of the application Registration in a Master degree at the University of Limoges Wish to pursue in doctoral studies at the University of Limoges 2 types of scholarships: 2500€ or 5000€ for the universitary year 2016/2017 – the amount of the scholarship will be decided by the person in charge of the master degree. HOW TO APLLY ? Get in touch with Campus France to do the registration procedure (if your country belongs to […]

[Học bổng du học Úc- Master-Swinburne University of Technology] Swinburne University of Technology is offering scholarships for international applicants for pursuing master degree programme. Swinburne is a globally-engaged institution leading the way in science, technology, business, design and innovation. It attracts world-class minds and participates in world-changing projects and partnerships. English language skills are usually measured by the International English Language Test Score (IELTS) or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score. Results from other English language tests are converted to an IELTS or TOEFL score to determine an equivalent skill level. Course Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing master degree programme. Study Subject: Scholarships are awarded on academic merit and work experience. For the following programme:List of subjects: -Business Management (Professional)-Commerce (Human Resource Management) (Professional)-Commerce (International Business) (Professional)-Entrepreneurship […]

Học bổng Kyushu University Friendship (KUFS) mong muốn tạo cơ hội học tập tại Nhật cho các sinh viên quốc tế đang theo học tại các trường đại học bên ngoài Nhật Bản. 1) Điều kiện dự tuyển: Ứng viên cần là sinh viên đại học hoặc sau đại học tại các trường đại học có uy tín bên ngoài Nhật Bản. Thời gian theo học tại Nhật sẽ từ 3 đến 12 tháng. 2) Số lượng học bổng: Hàng năm dưới 8 người sẽ nhận được học bổng này. 3) Giá trị học bổng: Học bổng bao gồm phí visa, vé máy bay, học phí và số tiền hàng tháng là 80000 yen cho sinh viên đại học hoặc 100000 yen cho sinh viên sau đại học. 4) Thời gian nộp hồ […]

Lại đến mùa nộp hồ sơ cả vào đại học, cả cho các kì thực tập mùa hè rồi. Gakutomo chia sẻ các cơ hội thực tập cho các bạn du học sinh có quan tâm nhé.1. RIKEN Brain Summer Internshiphttp://www.brain.riken.jp/en/summer/2. The University of Tokyo Summer Internship Program in Kashiwa (UTSIP Kashiwa) http://www.ilo.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/summer_en3. The University of Tokyo Research Internship Program (UTRIP) School of Science https://www.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/en/utrip/overview/4. Tokyo Institute of Technology International Education and Research Summer Research Programhttp://www.ipo.titech.ac.jp/tirop/program/detail_235.html5. Okinawa Institute of Science and Technologyhttps://groups.oist.jp/grad/research-interns6. National Institute of Genetics http://www.nig.ac.jp/jimu/soken/intern/7. National Institute for Physiological Sciences (NIPS)http://www.nips.ac.jp/eng/graduate/applicants/internship/ Theo: http://gakutomo.com/

[Học bổng du học Anh- ngành Hàn Quốc học] Sochon Foundation Scholarship at SOAS University of London in UK, 2016 The Sochon Foundation is providing Sochon Foundation Scholarship for students undertaking a full-time post-graduate programme in Korean Studies. The scholarship is open to UK/EU and overseas applicants. SOAS, University of London is the only higher education institution in Europe specialising in the study of Asia, Africa and the near and Middle East. SOAS is a remarkable institution. Uniquely combining language scholarship, disciplinary expertise and regional focus, it has the largest concentration in Europe of academic staff concerned with Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Deadline: Application deadline is 3rd May 2016 It aims to make the expertise of its members more widely available to the wider world by engaging with governments, businesses, NGOs […]

The Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University through the support of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport offers seven development scholarships for developing countries. Applications for these scholarships are open to all students from developing countries and/or countries going through a process of political and economic transition, who are applying for study in one of Bachelor’s studies or Master’s studies programmes at Charles University Faculty of Social Sciences from academic year 2016/2017. The deadline for scholarship applications is 30th April 2016. Study Subject(s): Scholarships are awarded to study any course offered by Charles University Faculty of Social Sciences.Course Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing bachelor’s studies or master’s studies programmes at Charles University.Scholarship Provider: Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, the Faculty of Social SciencesScholarship can be taken at: Czech Republic Eligibility: Applications for these scholarships […]

[Học bổng du học Áo –  940 EUR/tháng] Foundation of the Republic of Austria is offering scholarships for international students (except Austrians). Applicants who are descendants of forced laborers (regardless of their country of origin) or people coming from countries that have suffered exceptionally from the Nazi regime, especially from the recruitment of forced laborers. Scholarships are awarded to pursue research on their diploma or master thesis or their dissertation at scientific research institutions in Austria.  The application deadline is March 1, 2016. Study Subject(s): Scholarships are awarded in the field of Natural Sciences, Technical Sciences, Human Medicine, Health Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts.Course Level: Scholarships are available for students to pursue research on their diploma or master thesis or their dissertation at scientific research institutions in Austria (e.g. universities, Austrian Academy of Sciences, National Library, National Archive).Scholarship Provider: Scholarship Foundation […]

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