, Brazil và Mexico (chỉ 3 nước thôi). Học bổng FULL (toàn phần) nên học sinh không mất tiền học phí, ăn ở, phí sinh viên, bảo hiểm sức khỏe, chi phí đi và về. 3 tuần tại một trong những đại học xịn nhất Mỹ- the University of Chicago! Sống luôn trong ký túc của trường! Học sinh được chọn 1 trong 2 khóa học: 1) UChicago Arts and Sciences (khóa học kết hợp khoa học, nghệ thuật, suy nghĩ logic, giao tiếp hiệu quả,…) rất hay; hoặc 2) UChicago Immersion (UChI) – Summer Programs for High School Students (khóa này học phê luôn: từ Luật Mỹ, tới Công nghệ Sinh học, Viết sáng tạo tới Vật lý các chòm sao, Tâm lý học phát triển… tha hồ định […]

[Học bổng du học Nhật Bản] The Keio University is offering scholarships for international students to pursue Global Information and Governance Academic (GIGA) Program. Students who complete the course are awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Environment and Information Studies. This scholarship is awarded to hard-working students who display an aptitude for and interest in advanced information technology and policy, and seek to contribute to the global society using their acquired knowledge and skills. Keio University opened its fifth university campus in Shonan Fujisawa in 1990. Located near the metropolis of Yokohama, Fujisawa is the ideal haven for academic endeavours with its quiet atmosphere. Students need to demonstrate that they have a good level of written and spoken English. Course Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing bachelor’s programme. Study Subject: […]

The School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures at Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin is offering two Faculty Masters scholarships for Non-EU eligible graduate applicants. These scholarships will be awarded to pursue a full-time masters degree at the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in the academic year 2017-2018. A Masters programme in SLLCS is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and skills through postgraduate studies in specific subject areas that will equip students with advanced intercultural competencies necessary for negotiating an increasingly interconnected world. Applicants whose first language is not English are usually required to provide evidence of proficiency in English at the higher level required by the University. Course Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing the master programme. Study Subject: Scholarships are awarded within the School of […]

[Học bổng du học New Zealand] The Victoria University of Wellington is offering Izard scholarship for masters students for a period of one year. Students will be enrolled in any faculty apart from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Victoria University. The main objective of the university is to provide high quality, comprehensive educational and training opportunities that are compatible to changing needs of the students. CLOSING DATES FOR APPLICATIONS: 01 October 201701 October 20181 October each year NUMBER OF AWARDS OFFERED: One per year History or background of award This scholarship was established in 1997 from a bequest from the estate of Arnold Woodford Izard. Purpose of award The Scholarship shall be awarded to a student who, in the year of tenure, will be enrolled for a […]

The University of Amsterdam is inviting applications for merit scholarships for 2017 year. Students from outside the European Economic Area can apply for scholarships. The University of Amsterdam aims to attract the world’s brightest students to its international classrooms. As from September 2007, outstanding students from outside the European Economic Area can apply for an Amsterdam Merit Scholarship. Applicants must proof of English proficiency (IELS/TOEFL) :TOEFL (internet-based) –  overall score of 100 (with a minimum score of 22 in each of the different components), IELTS (academic) – overall score of 7.0 (with at least 7.0 in each of the four components). Course Level: Scholarships are available for Masters degree programme at University of Amsterdam. Study Subject: Scholarships are offered in diverse fields to help students in upgrading their education. Scholarship Award: Graduate School of Child Development […]

[Học bổng du học Anh] The Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme supports outstanding postgraduate students from developing and emerging economies throughout Africa, Asia and South America. The Louis Dreyfus Foundation aims to promote sustainable agriculture, food security and self-sufficiency, particularly through education and direct support to farmers, with a specific focus on developing countries in the above-mentioned regions. One of the Foundation’s goals is to address the challenge facing humanity to double global food production in a sustainable way in order to feed a rapidly growing population. This scholarship forms part of the wider Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme, managed by the Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Trust.  For more information, including details of the leadership programme, please see theWeidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme web page. The scholarship will cover 100% of […]

The Faculty of Humanities at the University of Copenhagen is inviting applications for 16 PhD scholarships starting 1 September 2017 for a period of up to three years. Application deadline: 22 January, 2017 at 23.59 (11.59 pm) (CET). The applicant’s qualifications for the scholarship are evaluated by taking into account the applicants’ general educational and academic background such as the applicants’ grade average, thesis grade, language competencies, publications and other academic activities given by the curriculum vitae as well as the duration of study especially during the applicants’ MA programme. In addition, the proposed PhD project and study plan will be evaluated by taking the following into consideration; originality, choice of theory and method, disciplinary relevance, and prospects for completion within the required timeframe of 36 months. Furthermore, applicants are […]

Applications are invited for Knowledge Management Internship starts on February 1st 2017 at RET International in Geneva. Switzerland. Applicants must have strong communication skills: excellent command of English, French and/or Spanish, both spoken and written. Other languages are an asset. This position offers a compensation of 500 CHF per month. The duration of internship is 6 months. Field of Internship: The chosen candidate will evolve in a dynamic and engaging working environment, maintain contacts and communicate with people from all around the world. He/she will have the possibility to be creative, propose solutions and share ideas with all our staff, including senior management and CEO. The RET values the work of all its collaborators, and has a philosophy of developing the potential of each and every member of its team.Course Level: […]

[Học bổng du học Đan Mạch] The Copenhagen Business School invites applications for a three-year position as a funded PhD scholar. The position is associated with the new Rewards at the Top project, which is hosted at the Department of Business and Politics of the Copenhagen Business School.Politicians’ remuneration is a key element in the implicit contract between politicians and the people. The project is studying how people are willing to reward politicians, by how much they are willing to reward, which rewards politicians themselves prefer, and what rewards politicians get in practice. Thus the project’s main objective is to gain an understanding of the preferences of both the population and politicians for politicians’ remuneration, as well as what drives these preferences, and a more nuanced understanding of both the […]

Australia tiếp tục cam kết hợp tác phát triển với Việt Nam, phản ánh mối quan hệ đối tác kinh tế ngày càng sâu sắc giữa hai nước. Bằng cách thúc đẩy lĩnh vực tư nhân, nâng cao trình độ lực lượng lao động và hỗ trợ phát triển hòa nhập, chúng tôi sẽ góp phần vào mục tiêu chung và bao quát là thúc đẩy thịnh vượng và giảm nghèo ở Việt Nam. Học bổng Chính phủ Australia là học bổng quốc tế uy tín được Chính phủ Australia trao cho thế hệ các nhà lãnh đạo toàn cầu tương lai trên lĩnh vực phát triển. Thông qua học tập và nghiên cứu, người nhận học bổng sẽ phát triển các kỹ năng và kiến thức nhằm tạo ra […]

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