[Học bổng du học Thụy Sĩ] The Chair of Programming Methodology at ETH Zurich is looking for excellent candidates for newly-opened PhD positions. The successful applicant will join our research group and begin work along on a new project for two PhD candidates, beginning in 2017. The project will investigate the question of how to connect modern capability-based type systems (such as that employed by the Rust programming language), and formal program reasoning techniques, in order to develop a new kind of lightweight verification tool specifically targeted at enabling everyday programmers to reason about the correctness of their code. This work is part of our ongoing Viper project, see our research page. Key requirements for successful applications:• Strong commitment to research• Interest in programming languages, tool building, formal reasoning, and […]

[Học bổng du học Pháp- ngành Toán- Khoa học máy tính] Every year Centre International de Mathématiques et d’Informatique (CIMI ) in Toulouse provides a number of fellowships for students enrolled in a Master course in Mathematics or Computer Science in one of the programs associated with CIMI. 4 fellowships for students starting in the first year of a Master’s degree M1 and 10 fellowships for those starting in the second year of a Master’s degree M2 will be available. CIMI stands for “Centre International de Mathématiques et Informatique de Toulouse”, or International Center of Mathematics and Computer Science in Toulouse. The goal of CIMI is to establish itself as a leading international center in mathematics, computer science, and their interactions. Course Level:  Fellowships are available for master’s level of study. Study Subject: Fellowships are awarded in one of […]

DATA ANALYTICS GROUP, UNISA University of South Australia (UniSA) UniSA is one of Australia’s world-leaders in teaching and research, with proven high standards of academic excellence in engineering and technology. Despite being a young university under 50 years old, the University has received a range of awards for outstanding education, student and graduate satisfaction, and world-class research. UniSA is ranked 24 in the QS World’s Top 50 universities under 50 years old. Data Analytics Group (DAG) DAG is a fast growing research group within the Advanced Computing Research Centre. It is a strong team in data management and data analytics. The group’s research has been supported by nine Australian Research Council (ARC) discovery grants, and their research results have been published widely in top international journals and conferences. The primary […]

[Học bổng du học Áo] The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) is looking for highly qualified candidates to apply for our ISTScholar PhD program. We offerfully-funded PhD positions in the natural and mathematical sciences in a world-class research environment on the outskirts of Vienna. Apply here. The deadline for PhD applications is January 8, 2017 11:59PM CET, for a start in September 2017. Reference letters should be submitted by January 15, 2017 11:59PM CET. Please note that there will be no extensions granted! Our PhD program is characterized by innovative training with a special focus on interdisciplinarity, close mentoring by outstanding faculty within small research groups, and access to first-rate facilities. Students spend the first year completing coursework and rotations before choosing a thesis group and passing […]

Dear all,The School of Computer Science, University College Dublin, Ireland is seeking applicants for two funded PhD research positions in the area of Digital Forensics and Cybercrime Investigation. The 4 year PhD scholarship covers student registration fees, a tax-free stipend of €16,000 per annum, and provides funding for project equipment and conference travel. The UCD School of Computer Science is Ireland’s leading computer science school in terms of teaching and research. It offers teaching programmes at BSc and Masters level that attract top students from Ireland and overseas. The school is home to the UCD Centre for Cybersecurity & Cybercrime Investigation (www.ucd.ie/cci), Europe’s leading centre for research and education in cybersecurity, cybercrime investigation, and digital forensics. The research projects will surround the area(s) of: · Forensics of Cloud Services · […]

PhD Student in Biological Mathematics  in New Zealand The Organisation AgResearch is a leading Crown Research Institute charged with delivering science and innovation to benefit New Zealand agriculture and its wider economy. Our internationally recognised scientists are dedicated to this mission and we collaborate with world leading science organisations and universities to achieve exceptional science delivery. We are proud to be unique organisation that is driving prosperity by transforming agriculture to better equip our future generations to come. The Role We are seeking a PhD candidate who is an enthusiastic learner and has demonstrated academic excellence across disciplines to undertake research modelling the effects of the commensal microbiota and nutrition on the development of the human gut. The metabolic activities of the microbiome shape this ecosystem and influence the human host […]

Đây là toàn bộ các khoá học ERASMUS MUNDUS cho bậc Tiến sĩ trong năm nay. Các bạn lưu ý còn rất ít học bổng Erasmus Mundus cho bậc Tiến sĩ vì chương trình đang được dần chuyển sang Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. Complete list Agriculture and Veterinary Engineering, Manufacture and Construction Health and Welfare Humanities and Arts Science, Mathematics and Computing Social Sciences, Business and Law Link: Click here

Học bổng Erasmus Mundus của Cộng đồng Châu Âu luôn là sự mong đợi hàng năm của hàng chục ngàn bạn trẻ Việt Nam. Đáp ứng mong muốn du học và khám phá tại Châu Âu, đường link học bổng được mong chờ nhất hàng năm từ EU đã mở. Toàn bộ các khoá Master với thông tin chi tiết về học bổng và cách thức apply cho năm nay đã được mở. Các bạn sẽ được apply 3 chương trình khác nhau. Lĩnh vực: *Agriculture & Veterinary *Engineering, Manufacture and construction *Health & Welfare *Humanities & Arts *Social sciences, Business, Law *Science, Mathematics and Computing Các bạn vào website của từng chương trình để có thêm thông tin chi tiết nhé! ———- Mùa hoc bổng Erasmus Mundus năm nay đã mở, Mentor […]

Positions for Ph.D.1 or Joint Master-Ph.D program with full research scholarship announcement on Computer Science Graduate Studies in Chungbuk National University, South Korea Research areas:(1) Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Deep Learning)(2) Big Data and Data Mining 1. Qualifications1) Graduated or will graduate with a bachelor or master degree in the major areas ofComputer Science, Information Science, and other IT related majors)2) Must have IBT score of 80 (IELTS 6.0) or higher. (You can submit later)3) Must have superior GPA4) Must have excellent research skills and strong motivation towards Ph.D.5) Must have good publication from M.S. research (For applicants for Ph.D program) 2. Research Areas of (1) Artificial Intelligence1) Deep learning and neural networks for computer vision, and natural language processing2) Topic modeling, probabilistic graphical models for sequential data and dynamic systems,3) Meta-heuristic […]

Facebook is pleased to offer Solutions engineering internship program in Brazil. Applicants must be enrolled in Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related areas. International applicants are eligible to apply for this internship program. This is an unpaid internship program. Internship application deadline is 13-October-2016. Field of Internship: Solutions engineering internship program.Internship can be taken in São Paulo, Brazil Eligibility: Requirements Write clean, solid, readable, and well-documented code Fluid communication skills among technical and non-technical professionals Knowledge and experience with at least one Python, PHP, C/C++, Ruby, C# or Java Advanced English Enrolled in Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related Graduation date: December/2017 – Other graduation dates are not eligible Availability of 1 year of internship (Jan – Dec/2017), 30 hours/week from Monday to Friday. […]

Email: hoai.tran@helpscholarships.com

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