Institutionen för reglerteknik Lund University was founded in 1666. Today, the University is ranked as one of the world`s top 100 and is Sweden`s most international higher education institution. The University has 47 700 students and 7 500 staff based in Lund, Helsingborg and Malmö. We are united in our efforts to understand, explain and improve our world and the human condition. LTH forms the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, with approximately 9 000 students. The research carried out at LTH is of a high international standard and we are continuously developing our teaching methods and adapting our courses to current needs. Job assignments The doctoral students positions are mainly devoted to postgraduate studies (80% of the time), but include 20% department service, usually teaching. The research topic for […]

Download tại: Switzerland -PhD Position in the Field of Glacier Stability

Download: Switzerland -PhD Position in Planetary Seismology and Geodynamics

Hi all, Mình thấy nhiều bạn vào hỏi về cái Swiss Government Scholarship. Và đại loại đều hỏi kiểu như “giải thích” hay “nó là cái gì”. Theo mình thì các bạn nên bỏ chút thời gian đọc qua éssental information và FAQ tại Hơn nữa, nếu có vấn đề gì khúc mắc thì có thể email hỏi representative: . Lưu ý rằng người ta rất bận, cố gắng đọc FAQ trước khi họi Good luck,  

Dear Sir/Madam, The Embassy of Switzerland in Hanoi has the pleasure to announce that, through the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS), the Swiss government will be granting Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for foreign scholars. The Swiss Embassy refers to the enclosed: Application Guidelines 2015-2016 Application Form Project Proposal Form Recommendation Letter form Medical Certificate Form and informs as follows: There are 3 scholarships types: PhD scholarships Postdoctoral scholarships Research scholarships Applications have to be sent in 3 hard copies to the Swiss Embassy within the deadline (date indication at the end of this letter).

Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD) fellowships were created to help strengthen exchanges and cooperation between Taiwan’s nongovernmental organizations and foreign individuals involved in the development of democracy and human rights by encouraging them to undertake independent studies in Taiwan. Financial assistance Grants will be evaluated and approved by the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy. One round-trip economy-class flight ticket to Taiwan. The terms of fellowship are up to 12 months.   Eligibility Four categories of fellowships are offered: Dissertation Fellowships, for Ph.D. candidates writing their thesis; Postdoctoral Fellowships, for those who have recently received their Ph.D.; Democracy and Human Rights Service Fellowships, for those who want to be involved in democracy and human rights projects in Taiwan; and International Visiting Fellowships, for experienced democracy and human rights advocates. More details are […]

The Center for Chinese Studies launched the Research Grant for Foreign Scholars in Chinese Studies in July 1989, sponsoring foreign scholars from universities overseas to come to Taiwan to conduct research on Chinese or Taiwan studies.   Financial asisstance Monthly grant: Professors: NT$60,000. Associate professors: NT$50,000. Assistant professors or doctoral candidates: NT$40,000. One round-trip, economy-class ticket for the most direct route to Taiwan from the recipient’s country of residence. The terms of fellowship are three to 12 months.   Eligibility Applicants should be foreign professors, associate professors, assistant professors (Post-Doctor), doctoral candidates, or research fellows from academic institutions abroad, and their research in Taiwan should be related the field of Chinese studies and Taiwan studies..   III. Application period Before May 31 (subject to change). Miscellaneous For more information, please […]

The Taiwan Fellowship is established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to award foreign experts and scholars interested in researches related to Taiwan, cross-strait relations, mainland China, Asia-Pacific region and Chinese studies to conduct advanced research at universities or academic institutions in Taiwan.  The Taiwan Fellowship, echoing the APEC Scholarship Initiative, provides 12 Chinese Taipei APEC Fellowship openings per year exclusively for scholars and experts from developing APEC economies.  The application process will begin in May 2015, and recipients will begin their research in Taiwan in January 2016.   Financial asisstance Monthly grants are paid at the beginning of every month. Professors, associate professors, research fellows, or associate research fellows: NT$60,000. Assistant professors, assistant research fellows, post-doctoral researchers, doctoral candidates, doctoral program students, and other candidates recommended by ROC […]

The Ministry of Education (MOE) created this award to encourage individuals from foreign countries (excluding mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau) to undertake short-term research in Taiwan, in the hopes of enhancing their understanding of Taiwanese culture and society, and of promoting exchanges and cooperation between Taiwan and other countries.   Financial asisstance D. Candidates will receive a monthly research allowance of NT$25,000 and Post Doctoral Fellows will receive a monthly research allowance of NT$40,000. One round-trip, economy-class ticket for the most direct route to Taiwan (The maximum subsidized amount is determined by the MOE.) The terms of fellowship are two to six months.   Eligibility Research topics should be related to Taiwan’s humanities, social sciences, culture, arts and relevant comparative research (excluding areas relating to science, medicine, engineering, and […]

The Ministry of Education (MOE) established the MOE Huayu Enrichment Scholarship (MOE HES) to enhance exchanges between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and countries designated by the MOE by encouraging foreign students to study Mandarin in Taiwan and to deepen their understanding of Taiwan’s cultural and social developments.   Financial assistance A monthly stipend of NT$25,000. Duration: two months (summer courses), three months, six months, nine months, or 12 months.   Eligibility Each applicant shall: be of age 18 or older; possess a high school diploma or higher; have performed well at his/her most recent academic institution and be of good moral character. )be neither a Taiwanese national, nor an overseas Taiwanese compatriot. be neither currently enrolled in a Mandarin training center nor in a full-time degree program at any […]


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