Dear all I am a faculty in the Dept. of Information and communication Engineering at Myongji University, Korea. I am interested in theories and applications of non-imaging optics, quantum optics and photonics. I am looking for highly self-motivated PhD students starting at Fall semester 2015 to work on the project: Large scale daylighting systems based on non-imaging optics. The purpose of the research is to minimize electric energy consumption in indoor lighting which occupies more than 40% of total energy consumption in the nation by introducing state-of-the-art daylighting system. The daylighting system we are developing is based on so called “non-imaging optics” rather than conventional geometrical optics so that light collecting efficiency becomes maximized without employing solar tracking system which requires high cost. On top of this new technique, we […]

Học bổng Master, PhD, Ms-PhD Intergrated ngành Hóa Tính toán – mô phỏng (Computational Chemistry) trường Kyung Hee University – Global Campus Hiện tại GS mình muốn tuyển sinh viên (ưu tiên PhD hoặc Intergrated) cho học kì mùa thu (09/2015). Chuyên ngành của lab là Computational Chemistry, mô phỏng các phản ứng hóa học trong enzyme hoặc graphene, bao gồm các hướng sau: – C-H Activation in Bio-inorganic Complexes – Multiple Proton Transfer – Chemical Reactions on the Surface of Graphene – Hydrogen Storage on Metal-doped Fullerenes (có lẽ SV mới sẽ làm 2 hướng đầu tiên) Môi trường lab tốt, thân thiện, GS hiền và quan tâm SV. Nếu gặp khúc mắc trong nghiên cứu hoặc tiền lương thì có thể gặp và nói chuyện thẳng với GS. […]

Dept. of Electronic Eng., Computer Science Eng., Information and Communication Eng., and IT related Eng Available Open Position at Fall Semester of 2015 Prof. G.S.Choi, SoC Design Lab., Dept. of Information and Communication Eng., Chosun University, GwangJu, Korea Homepage: Tel.: +82-62-230-7716, Cellular: +82-10-4324-9864, e-mail: 1. Qualifications An applicant and his/her parents must have foreign citizenship and come under each of the following: 1) Graduated or is going to graduate from a bachelor’s or master’s program in a foreign country (Dept. of Electronic Eng., Computer Science Eng., Information and Communication Eng., and IT related Eng.) 2) Must have IBT score of 85 (IELTS 6.5) or higher. 3) Must have superior CGPA 2. Research Areas 1) Digital ASIC Design / Embedded Processor Application / ASIP design for Information & Communication 2) […]

Chào cả nhà! Hiên nay giáo sư mình đang tuyển nhiều vị trí khác nhau MS/MS.PhD/PhD/Postdoc . Hướng nghiên cứu về AI và Machine Learning trong đó có robotics. Đây là trang lab em: Trang tuyển: Cả nhà vào admission của trường: Và nhớ contact giáo sư nhé. Giáo sư trẻ và rất thoải mái. Trên trang web lab có nhiều thông tin về lab. Mọi người tìm hiểu nhé. The New Zealand Aid Programme offers scholarships to people from developing countries who are motivated to make a difference at home. For more information about the scholarships programme click here. Scholarship types and closing dates Scholarship Type: New Zealand ASEAN Scholarship  Application deadline: 5.00pm 30 June 2015 Contact: Development Programme Coordinator- New Zealand ASEAN Scholars awards New Zealand Embassy Level 5, 63 Ly Thai To Street Hanoi – Viet Nam Tel: (+84 4) 3824 1481 Fax: (+84 4) 3824 1480 Email: Website: Qualification types New Zealand ASEAN Scholarships are available for the following qualifications: Postgraduate Certificate (6 months) Postgraduate Diploma (1 year) Masters Degree (1 – 2 years) PhD (3 – 4 years) Eligibility Candidates must meet all the scholarship eligibility criteria including: Be a minimum of 18 years of age at the time of commencing […]

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