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6 Th03 2017

Đại học Tổng hợp học bổng du học dành cho bậc Bachelor

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Türkiye Scholarships UNDERGRADUATE APPLICATIONS Start on 1st March

In addition to providing students with education opportunities at an international quality, Turkey also offers a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise, and opens doors to undergraduate education for successful international students from all over the World.

2017 Türkiye Scholarships applications for undergraduate level begin on March 1st. Applications to Türkiye Scholarships, which has provided scholarships to 5 thousand students from over 150 countries in 2016, will be taken between 1 – 31 March 2017.

Applications are exclusively for all candidates from all countries who wish to study at undergraduate level.

A detailed announcement regarding candidates of Syrian nationality will be made soon.

Applications will only be made at www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr. Candidates are required to submit/upload their applications and/or documents requested from them into the applications system.

Applications delivered by hand or post will not be accepted.

Link: Click Here


[Singapore]_ASEAN Scholarships for Vietnam from Singapore government. 


Students who meet the following criteria are invited to apply for the scholarship:

Nationals of Vietnam
Born between 2001 to 2003
Completed certificate of Lower Secondary Education
Have done consistently well in their school examinations
Proficiency in English and a good record of participation in co-curricular activities
Link: Click Here

High Achievement Scholarship for International Students at University of Waikato in New Zealand, 2017


For international students who first enrol in an undergraduate degree in the preceding 12 months, and have subsequently completed the first 120-pts towards an undergraduate degree at the University of Waikato. The scholarship will have a value of 15% of the international enrolment fees.

Link: Click Here

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