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23 Th11 2017

Tiến sĩ PhD in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship

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PhD research in the Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship group at the Rotterdam School of Management is expected to take place within four main research themes that represent currently ongoing research:

1. Strategic and Corporate Entrepreneurship;

2. Strategic Renewal; 

3. Corporate Governance and Competitiveness;

4. Global Strategy.

Although research that cuts across these four themes is encouraged, candidates are expected to express and explain their preferences for one or more research themes in the cover letter of their application.


(global) strategy, (corporate) entrepreneurship, comparative corporate governance, business model innovation, family firm strategy and governance, strategy and organization.


PhD candidate profile

The ideal candidate for a PhD project in the Strategy and Entrepreneurship group holds an MPhil-degree in Research in Management or an MSc-degree in Business Administration, Business Economics, Econometrics, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology or a related discipline.

He/she has a strong research orientation and has demonstrated competence in the use of diverse research methods and quantitative analytical techniques, as evidenced in an MSc thesis or other research papers (co)authored by the candidate.

The candidate should also meet or exceed the generic ERIM entry criteria for GRE/GMAT scores, and have an excellent grade point average.

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