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21 Th07 2016

Tiến sĩ PhD- Kuleuven

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Doctoral researcher

The Department of Accounting, Finance and Insurance offers a dynamic, stimulating and pleasant working environment. Moreover, AFI enjoys a strong international reputation and is part of a wide network consisting of other universities, companies and institutions.


Doctoral project in the field of corporate finance.

Small and medium-sized firms (sme’s) are an essential part of the European economy. For instance in Belgium they account for 99.8% of all companies, creating 66.9% of employment and 57.7% of the value added. Given their high impact, it is crucial that the financial system stimulates their growth. An important way in which this growth can be realized is through acquiring the necessary financing. Although the latter is a major problem for some sme’s, for at least 30% of all European small and medium firms this is less of an issue as they are part of a business group that creates ties between firms through certain ownership structures. As a result all members of the group can make use of an internal capital market between members.  Little is known about these types of organizations, not withstanding their importance. This doctoral project investigates the functioning of business groups, in particular how it affects financing and efficiency/restructuring.


You have a Master’s degree in an (applied) economic field, preferably in the subfield of Finance.

You have a good knowledge of English.

You obtained an average yearly result of distinction during your university studies.

You have good communication skills and you enjoy working in a team.

You are interested in scientific research.


We offer a full-time employment of fixed term from October 1, 2016 for 1 year, extendable to 4 years after positive evaluation.


For more information :
Please contact Prof. dr. Cynthia Van Hulle, tel.: +32 16 32 67 34,
mail: cynthia.vanhulle@kuleuven.be or
Prof. dr. Nico Dewaelheyns, tel.: +32 3 201 18 63,
mail: nico.dewaelheyns@kuleuven.be.
You can apply for this job no later than July 31, 2016 via the
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