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2 Th07 2015

Fellowship Paul Sacher Foundation Musicology Scholarships Switzerland

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The Paul Sacher Foundation was founded in 1973. At first its purpose was to preserve Paul Sacher’s musical library. A short while later the holdings began to be systematically expanded, and its purpose started to change. Today, the Foundation is an international research center for the music of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, with some hundred estates and collections from leading composers and performers.


Each year the Foundation awards a limited number of once-only scholarships amounting SFr 2250,- per month. Their primary aim is to ease the financial burden on users from distant countries during their stay in Basel.

All applicants must have a degree in musicology. The research project should apply at least in large part to the archival holdings of the Foundation. The duration of the scholarship (generally 1 to 3 months) must be appropriate to the scope of the project. A brief progress report must be presented at the end of the stay.

Applications with curriculum vitae (including date of birth), a detailed project description (approx. 3 pages), a list of publications, and photocopies of several publications must reach the Paul Sacher Foundation, Münsterplatz 4, 4051 Basel, Switzerland, by regular mail prior to 15 February or 31 August

Link: http://www.paul-sacher-stiftung.ch/en/home.html

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