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21 Th04 2015

MOE Huayu Enrichment Scholarship

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Chia sẻ:

The Ministry of Education (MOE) established the MOE Huayu Enrichment Scholarship (MOE HES) to enhance exchanges between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and countries designated by the MOE by encouraging foreign students to study Mandarin in Taiwan and to deepen their understanding of Taiwan’s cultural and social developments.


  1. Financial assistance
  2. A monthly stipend of NT$25,000.
  3. Duration: two months (summer courses), three months, six months, nine months, or 12 months.


  1. Eligibility Each applicant shall:
  2. be of age 18 or older; possess a high school diploma or higher; have performed well at his/her most recent academic institution and be of good moral character.
  3. )be neither a Taiwanese national, nor an overseas Taiwanese compatriot.
  4. be neither currently enrolled in a Mandarin training center nor in a full-time degree program at any university or college in Taiwan.
  5. have never received any financial assistance under this or any other Taiwan Scholarship programs (offered by MOFA, MOE, MOEA, and NSC).
  6. not be an exchange student through an academic cooperation agreement between an overseas university/college and an educational institute in Taiwan.

Recipients cannot accept any other R.O.C. government-sponsored scholarships or subsidies concurrently with this scholarship.


III. Application period:

Application period: February 1 to March 31 (subject to change).


  1. Miscellaneous
  2. For more information, please visit the Taiwan Scholarships and Huayu Enrichment Scholarships website at https://taiwanscholarship.moe.gov.tw
  3. MOE website: http://www.edu.tw/BICER/
  4. Contact person: Ms. Trinity Lu Tel: +886-2-2236-8225 ext. 4210 or 4211
    Fax: +886-2-2236-8593
    Emai1: trinity@contract.shu.edu.tw


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