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4 Th11 2015

Internship Microsoft-internship program at Microsoft lab in Beijing, China

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Microsoft is offering Asia-Pacific internship program at Microsoft lab in Beijing, China. Applicants should currently be pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree to apply for this internship programme. The Microsoft Research Asia Internship program is open year-round .

Applicants should provide quarterly sessions of Chinese language training for non-Chinese speaking students.

Field of Internship: Internships are offered in five research areas are Natural User Interfaces, Next-Generation Multimedia , Data-Intensive Computing , Search and Online Ads and Computer Science. At Microsoft Research Asia, there are 20 research groups studying in different fields, with the addition of the Search Technology Center and the Innovation Engineering Group. Every group has interns; applicants can choose a group according to their interests. In addition, from the career development side, Microsoft Research Asia provides two general choices to each intern: one is to “research” and the other is to “develop”.

Course Level: Internship
Internship Provider: Microsoft
Internship can be taken at: Beijing, China.
Eligibility: To be eligible for internships, applicants must have the following qualifications:
-Currently be pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree
Major in computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics, or a related field
-Have solid computer programming and research capabilities
-Have strong written and verbal English skills

Internship Open for International Students: International student can apply for this internship program.

Is this paid internship? Yes, Microsoft provides a competitive package that includes a monthly subsidy, meal allowance, and housing allowance.

Internship Description: Microsoft is looking for interns who are passionate and motivated to learn and create. While academic merit, publications, and other experiences are notable, successful candidates also demonstrate enthusiasm and possess a commendable work ethic, team spirit and communication skills.

Number of awards offered: Not Known

Internship Duration: Internships are at least three months.

Notification: After careful review by a selected panel of researchers, a few applicants will be offered a phone interview. Internship offers to successful candidates will be made approximately two weeks to a month following the interview.

How to Apply: -Applicants should update their resume or CV with recent work, publications, and other research experience.
-To Apply download an application form.
-Complete the form.
-Applicants should send the completed form along with their resume or CV to msraih-at-microsoft.com.

Internship Application Deadline:  The Microsoft Research Asia Internship program is open year-round.

Link: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/jobs/intern/apply_asia-pacific.aspx

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Bậc học: Internship.


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