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26 Th10 2018

Thạc sĩ & Tiến sĩ Masters and PhD Research Scholarships- Global energy problems

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Masters and PhD Research Scholarships

Do you want to solve global energy problems?

We are currently looking for high-achieving passionate researchers to enter one of the three multidisciplinary Masters and PhD research programs listed below.

These programs integrate perspectives including Engineering, Social Sciences, Information Technology and Business Studies to address the technological, social, governance and commercial challenges we face in solving the problem.

Monash Postgraduate Energy Research Programs

Make a difference while advancing your career with a Master or PhD from leading Australian University*.

  • AU $35,872 tax-free stipend^ per year
  • Zero fees^
  • Industry co-supervision, placements and networks
  • Real world impact

Express your interest by 15 October 2018 (AU & NZ applicants) and 1 March 2019 (International).

Link: Click here

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Ngành Học: Công nghệ thông tin Khoa học cơ bản Khoa học xã hội&nhân văn Kỹ thuật.

Danh mục học bổng: [:vi]Học bổng du học Úc[:en]-Australia[:].

Bậc học: Thạc sĩ & Tiến sĩ.


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