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26 Th12 2016

Đại học LSE-UK Undergraduate Support Scheme

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The LSE Undergraduate Support Scheme is designed to help Overseas students who do not have the necessary funds to meet all their costs. The amount of assistance will vary according to individual financial needs.

These awards are renewable for the second and third year of study, subject to satisfactory academic performance.

Please note that the LSE receives far more applications for financial assistance than it can support and unfortunately not all applications to the Undergraduate Support Scheme will be successful.

16 new awards were made for students entering in 2015, ranging between £6000 and £26,000.


How to apply

When you receive an offer of admission, you can make an application for funding from the Undergraduate Support Scheme by completing the UndergraduateScholarshipForm (PDF).  

The final deadline for this application form to be submitted to the Financial Support Office by 26 April 2017.

All decisions will be sent by the end July 2017.

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