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5 Th06 2015

Thạc sĩ INSEAD L’Oreal MBA Scholarship- one MBA scholarship per class at INSEAD 20 000 Euros

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INSEAD L’Oreal MBA Scholarship for International Students, 2016

L’Oreal is offering one MBA scholarship at INSEAD campuses. International students who demonstrate a capacity for creativity, innovation through diversity and entrepreneurial activity are eligible for this scholarship. Preference will be given to candidates who provide proof of financial need. Scholarship covers partial tuition fee of the programme.


Application deadline is 16 June 2015.

Scholarship Provider: L’Oreal funds

Scholarship Open for International Students: Students of any nationality can apply for this INSEAD L’Oreal Scholarship.

Scholarship Description: 
L’Oreal is the worldwide leader in beauty products. L’Oreal funds one MBA scholarship per class at INSEAD with the explicit purpose of fostering: (1) Creativity: “You must have imagination, you must dream. You must have a feeling for words and images. You must be able to see that things communicate not just because it is written down but because an image itself can communicate something, a symbol.” Lindsey Owen-Jones (MBA ’69), Cite de la Reussite, 14/02/2002. (2) Diversity Our company culture fosters and values diversity. To a large extent, our strength is the diversity of our teams. People of all origins and cultures, different ages and levels of experience work together on a daily basis. Interdisciplinary – and multicultural – teams interact every day, stimulating innovation and fostering personal growth. (3) Entrepreneurial spirit Initiative and commitment, enthusiasm and a willingness to challenge assumptions are part of the required entrepreneurial spirit.

Link: http://mba.insead.edu/schlmgmt/dsp_schl_info.cfm?schlcode=LO

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