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9 Th11 2015

Thạc sĩ Học bổng toàn phần IRISH GOVERNMENT TECHNICAL SCHOLARSHIP 2016-2017

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Ireland is a destination for world class third level education in an English-speaking country renowned for its friendliness and safety. Irish Aid offers a number of scholarships to Vietnamese students every year.

The Irish Aid IDEAS (Development Experience and Sharing Programme) scholarship programme is calling for applications for the academic year 2016-2017 by candidates from Vietnam to undertake postgraduate study in higher education institutions in Ireland in technical areas for example, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Social Studies and Food Science.

Additionally there will be 1 (or maximum 2) scholarship in Applied Linguistics for English Language lecturers from targeted institutions.

Applicants from all universities, research institutes and government agencies can apply.

The total number of scholarship is expected to be between 10-15 depending on the quality of applications and costs of training. Scholarship awards cover: return airfare, course fees, public health insurance, a stipend to cover accommodation and subsistence costs, settling-in allowance, and book and clothing allowances (where appropriate). Potential awardees will need to demonstrate a personal commitment to return to Vietnam following their course of study in order to make a contribution towards the development of their country.

Download: technical-scholarship-2015-Nuala-review

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