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10 Th09 2015

Thạc sĩ & Tiến sĩ Học bổng tại University of Cambridge

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The University of Cambridge, via the Cambridge Trusts offers approximately 80 international scholarships for overseas students who will be registered for a three year research programme, leading to the PhD (including CPGS), that starts in the next academical year. Scholarships are awarded to cover the full cost of fees and maintenance for the duration of the course, i.e. three years. The awards will be made on a competitive basis to those applicants considered by their departments to be the most outstanding.

Applications should be submitted by 2 December 2015

Study Subject(s): Scholarships are awarded in all available research courses at the University of Cambridge.
Course Level: Scholarships are available to pursue research programme leading to the PhD (including CPGS) at the University of Cambridge.
Scholarship Provider: The University of Cambridge, via the Cambridge Trusts
Scholarship can be taken at: UK

Link: https://www.cambridgetrust.org/scholarships/

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