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23 Th09 2015

Tiến sĩ Học bổng tại New Zealand- PhD- Nghiên cứu về não bộ

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[Học bổng tại New Zealand- PhD- Nghiên cứu về não bộ]

Brain Research New Zealand is offering up to 9 fully funded PhD scholarships to be taken up in 2016. The scholarships are open to students with an outstanding academic record or those who have completed their Honours or Masters degree (or any equivalent level of study allowing them to enrol in a PhD programme) and who wish to carry out innovative research related to the ageing brain. Scholarship includes $28,000 per annum, plus tuition fees and $6000 per annum in working expenses.

The application deadline is 23 November 2015.

Study Subject(s): Scholarships are awarded for highly innovative neuroscience research projects that relate to the ageing brain.
Course Level:
 Scholarships are available for pursuing PhD research programme at any of the following institutions: the Universities of Otago, Canterbury, Auckland, or AUT and supervised by one of BRNZ’s Principal Investigators.
Scholarship Provider: Brain Research New Zealand
Scholarship can be taken at: New Zealand

Link: http://www.brnz.ac.nz/en/resources/call-for-phd-scholarship-applications-2016.html

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