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27 Th05 2015

Thạc sĩ [Học bổng MBA] – Allianz-scholarship-fund

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ESMT has received generous funding from Allianz to support scholarships for young leaders who might otherwise be unable to attend a top management program. These scholarships will be awarded to ESMT applicants for the Master’s in Management, Full-time MBA and Executive MBA programs.

In addition to numerous partial scholarship opportunities, full scholarships are offered for the Master’s in Management beginning September 2015, for the Executive MBA beginning October 2015, and for the full-time MBA beginning January 2016. Details of individual program scholarships can be found under the scholarships section of the relevant program page.

Understanding that social mobility issues and poverty exist in all societies and cultures, scholarships awarded from this fund for the MIM and MBA focus on applicants from all countries who want to further their knowledge of international business and would not otherwise have the financial means to follow an ESMT Degree Program. Several of the scholarships are linked to the Kofi Annan Fellowship Program for applicants from developing countries. Applicants for the Allianz scholarships should show financial need, an excellent academic record and specific interest in innovation & technology management and sustainable business, and must demonstrate how a MIM or MBA scholarship will generate a positive social impact beyond the individual applicant.

ESMT Executive MBA scholarship recipients will be selected based on their influence as social impact multipliers. An ideal recipient is someone who manages or holds a strategic position in an organization dedicated to the advancement or empowerment of future generations and underprivileged communities.

Detailed information about each scholarship is listed below. Scholarship seekers should be strong candidates for ESMT’s academic programs, and can apply to their respective program by completing the online application. There is space in the online application for one additional scholarship essay. Additional information about ESMT Degree Programs can be found here.

Link: https://www.esmt.org/degree-programs/allianz-scholarship-fund

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