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21 Th04 2015

Thạc sĩ [Học bổng- Master- Pháp]

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[Học bổng- Master- Pháp]

Recruiting the best Masters students: the new MIEM programme at USPC

In line with the Idex programme priorities and the University’s 2014-2018 policy agreement, the new MIEM (International Masters Mobility Scholarship) programme at USPC aims to bring an international approach to teaching.

International Masters students in their first or second year (in the faculty of engineering) by offering MIEM USPC scholarships for excellence.
Trips for international teaching fellows to deliver courses in English.
In 2014, 60 Masters scholarships were awarded. In 2015-2016, 200 MIEM USPC scholarships will be offered and another 200 in 2016-2017. Between now and the end of 2016, MIEM will include over forty international Masters scholarships at USPC.

These students could create a breeding ground for excellence in future doctoral candidates in line with USPC’s College of Doctoral Schools international research policy. It is also a good opportunity for USPC to work with international experts in science who will in the future become senior officials in their countries of origin.

International teaching is both an Idex programme priority and a policy of the Sorbonne Paris Cité 2014-2018 agreement. The MIEM programme reflects our desire to enhance our research and training on an international scale by hosting high calibre students on a limited number of Masters courses chosen by USPC.

This is linked with our international research policies and calls for international mobility programmes by USPC’s international offices.
Advantages of the MIEM programme
The programme provides institutions with the means to become more global.

By offering mobility scholarships on a limited number of courses chosen by the institutions;
By inviting international teaching fellows to conduct courses in English;
By hosting scholarship winners as follows:
– their needs will be met before their arrival and throughout their stay
– they will experience an exciting campus life, cultural visits and sporting activities
– they will be provided with University accommodation

Who is it for?

High calibre international Masters students in their first or second year;
10,000 euros per year, per student.

Number of scholarships

60 MIEM USPC Scholarships in 2014: on a trial basis, 60 international students, who were part of the 2014 intake, benefitted from the new MIEM programme;
200 MIEM USPC Scholarships: recruitment campaign 2015-2016;
200 MIEM USPC Scholarships: recruitment campaign 2016-2017.

How it works

Each institution proposes, according to their own globalisation objectives, a list of 1 to 5 Masters courses that they wish to develop on an international scale (notably prospective and current international students). In addition, each institution proposes a complementary list of 1 to 5 Masters courses;
>> Download the MIEM programme application form

Students can apply to the programme on their institution’s website;
Each institution determines their own criteria for scholarship selection. These will be subject to special monitoring (guidance);
Institutions will give scholarships in instalments made over the course of the two years of study. Institutions that choose to share between M1 and M2 should take into account the M1 students for the next campaign.

An invitation for international teaching fellows

International teaching fellows allow selected Masters courses to be taught in English. They also offer new and innovative teaching, strengthening the international attraction of these Masters courses.

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