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30 Th05 2015

Thạc sĩ & Tiến sĩ [Học bổng du học Úc- Master/PhD]- University of Technology Sydney

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International Research scholarships

The following UTS Research scholarships are available to support international students to study Masters by Research and Doctoral programs at UTS which are managed by the Graduate Research School. Applications are only open once a year. Other scholarship opportunities for international students can be found on the UTS: scholarships website.

How to apply:

For prospective students:
To apply, please submit the UTS International Higher Degree Research Application Form  for both the degree and scholarship(s) through UTS: International by the advertised deadline. UTS International has information on how to apply, and for further enquiries please contact theUTS: International Sponsored Students Team.

For currently enrolled research students:
To apply, please submit the completed HDR scholarship application form for current students (docx, 79kb) with a CV by the advertised deadline. For further enquiries, please contact the Graduate Research School.

Please be aware that currently enrolled students are only eligible to apply for an International Research Scholarship if they commenced their higher degree by research in the past 12 months, and were unable to apply for the scholarship at the same time as admission due to the timing of their application.

For further information on the eligibility criteria for International Research Scholarships, please view the scholarship conditions below.

Link: http://www.gradschool.uts.edu.au/current-students/scholarships-funding/international-scholarships.html

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Danh mục học bổng: [:vi]Học bổng du học Úc[:en]-Australia[:].

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