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15 Th06 2015

Đại học [Học bổng du học Úc]-Hospitality Management, Sports Management, International Tourism, Property Management, Event Management, Retail Marketing , BA

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[Học bổng du học Úc]

ICMS International Scholarship for Undergraduate Students in Australia, 2015
The International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) is offering a international scholarship for student who will be commencing their studies at ICMS. The scholarship is to the total value of approximately AU$ 25,000 which covers the first two terms tuition fees and one semester of on campus accommodation. All applicants must hold an international passport. This excludes dual citizens of Australia and elsewhere, permanent residents and temporary residents.

Study Subject(s): Hospitality Management, Sports Management, International Tourism, Property Management, Event Management, Retail Marketing and Business Management.

Deadline: The application deadline is August 14, 2015
Link: http://www.icms.edu.au/scholarship-type/new-international-students

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Ngành Học: Du lịch - Nhà Hàng - Khách sạn Khác Quản trị kinh doanh.

Danh mục học bổng: [:vi]Học bổng du học Úc[:en]-Australia[:].

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