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1 Th06 2015

Tiến sĩ [Học bổng du học Pháp- PhD] (Elaboration of stable and stretchable organic solar cells)

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Bourse de thèse / PhD scholarship

Application deadline: 6/6/2015

Elaboration of stable and stretchable organic solar cells

Financing : Public : co-tutelle thesis with University of Cergy-Pontoise)/Université Paris Seine, France and University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia

Application deadline: 6/6/2015

Hosting Laboratories
– (Months 1-18) : Laboratoire de Physicochimie des Polymères et des Interfaces (LPPI), Université de Cergy-Pontoise (UCP)/Université Paris Seine, 5 mail gay-Lussac, 75031 Cergy-Pontoise, France
– (Months 19-36): Organic Electronics and Photovoltaics (OEPV) Lab, Physical Sciences and Engineering Division, Solar & Photovoltaics Engineering Research Center, 4700 King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Thuwal 23955-6900, Saudi Arabia

Subject of the thesis:
Experimental Topics:
The proposed subject deals with the elaboration of stable and stretchable semi-transparent organic solar cells for wearable and related emerging technologies. For this purpose, we propose in a first step to modify reference and state-of-the-art organic solar cells by insertion of additives (monomer or reticulating species) in order to form an interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) or to induce reticulation of donor (or acceptor) in the active layer while keeping the high power conversion efficiency. Indeed, one of the major issues in such devices is related to the phase separation over time, which is thermodynamically favoured between the two components of the binary blend, also known as the bulk heterojunction (BHJ) photoactive layer. In the second step we will explore the possibility to provide new mechanical properties, such as stretchability, to the active layer as well as the entire device stack, composed of electrodes, selective hole and electron transporting interlayers, and of the photoactive layer itself. Benefiting from its skills in polymers sciences (monomer synthesis, polymerization kinetic, formulation and IPN), The Laboratoire de Physicochimie des Polymères et des Interfaces (LPPI, France) will bring its experience on the active layer elaboration. The Organic Electronics and Photovoltaics Laboratory (OEPV) at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST, Saudi Arabia), has recently elaborated new methods of investigating the solidification and phase transformation of BHJ layers and will investigate the role of additives and IPNs on BHJ formation. In addition, with the demonstration of >10% efficiency polymer-based solar cells and >8% flexible and >6% semi-transparent devices, OEPV will focus on the elaboration of stretchable devices by developing silver nanowire-based composite anodes and cathodes which, when combined with the stretchable photoactive layer, should yield fully stretchable and stable photovoltaic devices.

Candidates profile:
Master degree in chemistry is required ( with an experience in polymer)

Application : Please, send us by e-mail, CV and references. Deadline to candidate : June 6th 2015

UCP : F. Goubard (fabrice.goubard@u-cergy.fr), C. Plesse (cedric.plesse@u-cergy.fr)
KAUST : A. Amassian (aram.amassian@kaust.edu.sa)

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