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17 Th06 2015

Tiến sĩ [Học bổng du học New Zealand- PhD]- Photonics/Quantum Physics

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[Học bổng du học New Zealand- PhD]


The Dodd-Walls Centre is a New Zealand Centre of Research Excellence with world-class researchers working in the areas of Photonics and Quantum Physics.

Our research explores the limits of control and measurement at the atomic scale through the use of laser light, the generation and manipulation of light at its most fundamental quantum level, and the processing and physical nature of information in this quantum realm. The DWC has research teams built around four themes: Sensors and Imaging, Sources and Components, Quantum Fluids and Gases, and Quantum Manipulation and Information, and dedicated outreach teams. We have significant government investment to support our research, industry initiatives, and educational programmes. We regularly host international conferences and distinguished visitors, and provide students and postdoctoral fellows with opportunities to be involved in all these programmes.

We are currently seeking new PhD students and Postdoctoral Fellows to join our group.

The closing date for the current round of PhD scholarships is 31 July 2015; however scholarships will be offered on a rolling basis and will be available until filled. The major criteria are excellence and experience in one of our research areas. A PhD can be started at any time, and students generally complete in 3-4 years. International PhD students pay the same costs as domestic students and are eligible for scholarships.

To apply for a postgraduate scholarship, choose a potential supervisor from our list of DWC researchers or the list of specific projects below, and contact them by e-mail, providing a CV and academic transcript and names of two referees. If you have any queries, please contact us at recruit@doddwalls.ac.nz

We will also be appointing postdoctoral researchers to begin in 2016, and welcome expressions of interest from researchers and students nearing completion of their PhD. Postdoctoral candidates should have experience of working in photonics, quantum physics, or a related discipline, and a strong track record of publications.

Link: http://www.doddwalls.ac.nz/wawcs0138334/Opportunities.html

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