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15 Th06 2015

Đại học [Học bổng du học Mỹ]-Western Michigan University- School of Music

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Scholarships and grants in music are awarded each year by the School of Music. Awards are made on the basis of musical talent and/or scholastic achievement. New students are eligible for consideration for these stipends at the time of their audition for admission to the music curriculum. Currently enrolled students apply and audition for awards and renewal of awards during the spring semester.

The School of Music is fortunate to have a number of named scholarships entrusted to us by generous alumni, emeriti and friends. Named scholarships are awarded based on student performance and faculty nomination; students cannot apply for these scholarships.

Link: http://wmich.edu/music/academics/scholarships

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Ngành Học: Âm nhạc - Nghệ thuật biễu diễn.

Danh mục học bổng: [:vi]Học bổng du học Mỹ[:en]United States[:].

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