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18 Th07 2015

Tiến sĩ [Học bổng du học Ireland- PhD] – Population Health/ Basic Science/ Translational / Clinical Science – National University of Ireland and the Royal College of Surgeons

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Applications are invited for PhD Full scholarship at Royal Collage of Surgeons commencing on 1st October 2015. For academic year 2015/16, there are three Dilmun Scholarships available which will provide full funding (student stipend BHD600/- per month = 1600 US$ per month) in one of each of the three subject areas. Students will undertake the full-time Dilmun Scholar Programme over five years. This includes a one-year pre-doctoral training year to be spent in RCSI Dublin where students will undertake some structured learning of core PhD skills while learning pertinent skills in the research group of their Dublin host.

The application deadline is 8th August, 2015.

Study Subject(s): Scholarships are awarded in one of the three subject areas. The project titles are listed below.
Population Health: Diabetic foot ulcers in Bahrain: an epidemiological profile of the prevalence, clinical care, economic cost and impact on quality of life. Supervisors: Professor Zena Moore (RCSI Dublin) and Dr. Khalifa Elmusharaf (RCSI Bahrain)
Basic Science: Pro-angiogenic scaffolds, adipose derived stem cells and low level laser biostimulation: tissue engineering a novel autologous skin graft for diabetic wound healing in the Middle East. Supervisors: Professor Fergal O’Brien (RCSI Dublin) and Dr. Michael Keogh (RCSI Dublin)
Translational / Clinical Science: The Clinical Significance and Mechanism of sepsis-induced thrombocytopenia. Supervisors: Dr. Dermot Cox (RCSI Dublin) and Dr. Manaf Al Qahtani (RCSI Bahrain).

Link: http://www.rcsi-mub.com/index.jsp?p=103&n=2118

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Danh mục học bổng: Học bổng du học Irel .

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