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24 Th11 2015

Thạc sĩ & Tiến sĩ Học bổng du học Hàn Quốc

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Spring Graduate Students and Research Opportunity at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hanbat National University (HNU), Korea

Outstanding students who pursue their graduate study about mechanical, manufacturing engineering are invited to submit a C.V. (or resume) to Professor Hongseok Youn in Hanbat National University, Korea.

The candidates are required to have good communication skill in English or Korean, positive attitude, desire to higher achievement. Also those who have special interests in Machine Tool Design, Advanced CAD/CAM, Automobile Module Design, Micro-Nano fabrication technology of Solar Cells and Organic Light-emitting Diodes (OLED) Display Device, and other mechanical system design are encouraged to apply.

These research  fields are absolutely related to the growing industries and excellent job markets in Korea. Only three qualified students will be expected and provided with full financial support by the research projects of Professor Hongseok Youn and Hocheol Lee.

Contact: Professor. Hongseok Youn, email: hsyoun@hanbat.ac.kr

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