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25 Th06 2015

Tiến sĩ [Học bổng du học Bỉ- PhD]- Gynecology Research

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The Gynecology Research Unit of the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium) is looking for a dynamic young scientist wishing to do a PhD thesis on assembly of a transplantable artificial ovary to restore fertility in cancer patients.

Starting date: 01/10/2015


– Medical or veterinary medical degree, MSc in biomedical/chemical sciences, bioengineering or equivalent

– Motivated, rigorous, autonomous, team player

– Expertise in the field of biomaterials is an asset

Job Homepage  :

Category              : PhD fellowship

Contact address               : Christiani.Amorim@uclouvain.be

Keywords            : artificial ovary, preantral follicles, ovarian tissue, cancer patients, fertility preservation


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