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12 Th05 2015

Tiến sĩ Học bổng du học Bỉ- PhD]- Field of labour KU Leuven

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For Research Centre for Human Relations, Campus Brussels we are looking for a doctoral student in the field of labour.

To apply the position, candidates must receive a training in economics or in another social/behavioural science and have a strong interest in econometrics or statistics. The successful application will work in a stimulating and challenging work environment with a high degree of flexibility and autonomy. Occupation: Full-time Period: Fixed-term contract extendable Place: Brussel

Apply no later than: June 10, 2015

Project The research aims to document how language skills mismatches are at work in urban low-skilled labour markets in general, and the market for domestic workers in particular. The study applies this problem to the Brussels region. As is the case in many urban areas, the Brussels-Capital Region combines high levels of low-skilled labour supply with high levels of labour demand. A spatial mismatch may exist here, but a complicating factor is that the demand by households for low-skilled labour in the hinterland is partly in another language (Dutch) than the lingua franca spoken in Brussels (French). Concurrently the market for domestic work is strongly subsidized in a system of service vouchers, but probably black market employment is still strongly prevalent. The study documents potential problems and rigidities arising from the hypothesized linguistic mismatch, and the interaction between the informal and official labour markets. Profile You have a Master’s degree, or will obtain it in this academic year. You received a training in economics (e.g. in programmes of Economics, Applied Economics, Socio-Economics) or in another social/behavioural science (sociology, psychology), and have a strong interest in econometrics or statistics. You are interested in labour market problems You have knowledge of econometric/statistical software You are fluent in English An Advanced Master’s degree in Economics or Statistics is considered to be an advantage Offer We offer a fulltime employment for 17 months, extendable for another two years (contingent on project continuation and a positive evaluation). You will work as a doctoral student in a stimulating and challenging work environment with a high degree of flexibility and autonomy. Your contract starts August 1, 2015. Depending on your availability, the starting date can be postponed 1 or 2 months. Interested? For more information please contact

Dr. Stef Adriaenssens, tel.: +32 2 210 16 42,

mail: stef.adriaenssens@kuleuven.be or

Prof. dr. Dieter Verhaest, tel.: +32 2 609 88 25, mail: dieter.verhaest@kuleuven.be.
Link: https://icts.kuleuven.be/apps/jobsite/vacatures/53305676


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