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20 Th10 2015

Fellowship Học bổng du học Áo- Natural Sciences, Technical Sciences, Human Medicine, Health Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities and Arts

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Applications are invited for Ernst Mach Grant available for students and young researchers from any country (except Austria) for a research or to study stay in Austria. Ernst Mach grant worldwide is open for postgraduates and/or post-docs for maximum of 9 months while Ernst Mach Grant for studying at an Austrian University of Applied Sciences is open to graduates and undergraduates for 4–10 months. Age limit for this grant program is 35 years at the time of the application.

The application deadline is March 1st 2016 for the academic year 2016/17.

Study Subject(s): Grants are awarded in Natural Sciences, Technical Sciences, Human Medicine, Health Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities and Arts. (Arts only for Ernst Mach grant worldwide).
Course Level: Grants are available to students and young researchers for a research or a study stay in Austria.
Scholarship Provider: Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Science (BMWF)
Scholarship can be taken at: Austria

Eligibility: The “Ernst Mach grant worldwide” is open to
-postgraduates pursuing a doctoral/PhD program outside Austria,
-postgraduates and post-docs wishing to do research in Austria with a view to an academic career and who have completed their studies (at an university outside Austria) after September 30th, 2014;
-or post-docs who are working as lecturers at a foreign university outside Austria. Duration of stay is limited to a maximum of 9 months (extension are not possible within this program).
The “Ernst Mach Grant for studying at an Austrian University of Applied Sciences” is open to:
-graduates and undergraduates who are studying at a university outside Europe and who are participating in a master program or have successfully completed at least four semesters of their studies within a bachelor- or diploma program at the time of taking up the grant. The minimum duration of stay is 4 months, maximum stay in Austria is up to 10 months.
Age limit for this grant program is 35 years at the time of the application

Scholarship Open for International Students: Students of any country (except Austria) can apply for these Ernst Mach grants.

Link: https://www.oead.at/welcome_to_austria/grants_scholarships/international_cooperation_mobility_grants_scholarships/ernst_mach_grant/EN/#c1018

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Ngành Học: Khoa học cơ bản Khoa học xã hội&nhân văn Kỹ thuật Nông nghiệp&thú y Sức khỏe-Y tế công cộng.

Danh mục học bổng: Khác.

Bậc học: Fellowship.


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