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21 Th04 2015


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Calling all developers, journalists, development workers and social workers from Mekong Region & else where!
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Mekong ICT Camp 2015
Date: June 7-12, 2015
Place/Country: College of Innovation Thammasat University, Pattaya, Thailand
• All developers, journalists, development workers and social workers are welcome!
• Participants are welcome from EVERY Mekong-region country, and elsewhere
• Around 60 participants will be selected from the Mekong sub-region, with others from outside the region.
For those from the Mekong-region: We will sponsor all your travel, accommodation and program costs, but we ask for a contribution of USD50 from each participant. This sponsorship is available for participants from the Mekong sub-region (Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Yunnan; China), including those who are originally from elsewhere but currently working on projects that related to the development of the Mekong region and its people.
Participants from outside the Mekong-region: Limited numbers of PARTIAL sponsorship (camp fee and accommodation, but not travel cost) are available for those outside Mekong Region.
Deadline: April 5, 2015


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