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5 Th06 2015

Internship Disney Visual Marketing Design Internship In Palo Alto, California, USA (Design, marketing)

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Disney Visual Marketing Design Internship In USA, 2015

Link: https://xjobs.brassring.com/tgwebhost/jobdetails.aspx?siteid=5039&cid=12402&partnerid=25348&jobId=254961

The Disney Professional Internships program offers a unique opportunity to explore the world of Disney Interactive (DI) in a seasonal, paid assignment with meaningful and productive projects that allow you to build your resume and develop your skills. You will be provided with challenging projects, performance feedback, valuable networking opportunities, and many educational and social opportunities.

The Associate Visual Designer will be responsible for designing marketing creative for our various digital touchpoints. You are able to work in all formats and sizes in adding aesthetics, visual affordances, branding, and emotive qualities that further enhance the user experience. Your job may also include art direction, animation, brand ID, multimedia production, and graphics optimization.


  • Create highly effective designs for online marketing campaigns.
  • Lead visual design throughout the entire product lifecycle, from initial explorations through final design deliverables
  • Creation and formatting of all digital visual elements, including typography, layout, imagery, and iconography.
  • Designing icons, banners and other assets for use on various online and mobile platforms
  • Ensure visual and brand consistency
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