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22 Th11 2016

Fellowship Chương trình Lãnh đạo nổi bật Australia-ASEAN

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Applications for the 2017 Australia-ASEAN Emerging Leaders Program are now open.

The Australia-ASEAN Emerging Leaders Program (A2ELP) has been designed to create meaningful people to people links between entrepreneurs across Asia. The focus of the program this year will be in the social impact space. The program will bring together ten social entrepreneurs from South-East Asia and five from Australia to take part in a series of innovative learning and development opportunities in 2017.

The program is designed for individuals who have up to 2/3 years of experience working in organisations that generate social impact.

The program is looking for applicants with proposals to expand a social enterprise or create a new social venture.

Participation in this program is fully funded, including travel and accommodation in Australia.

Over a four-month period, participants will:

  • build knowledge of scalable business models to create long term social impact
  • develop skills to engage a range of stakeholders, including pitches to potential investors
  • receive training in cultural intelligence, lean start-up methodology and impact gaps canvas
  • participate in networking events, including visits to innovative social ventures in Australia
  • discuss the latest thinking and ideas in social impact with academic experts and industry leaders
  • foster professional connections with participants through peer mentoring exercises and alumni engagement

Deadline: 11/1/2017

Link: Click Here

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