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25 Th05 2017

Tiến sĩ AUS | PHD Scholarship: Mental Health, Psychiatry, and Communities

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A PhD scholarship opportunity is available in the field of historical studies for a student to study the history of mental health and psychiatry with a specific focus on community psychiatry, under the supervision of  Professor Catharine Coleborne.

The thesis will focus on an aspect of the history of mental health and psychiatry with a specific focus on community psychiatry in Australia.

The successful candidate will join an experienced team with rich expertise in this research area, and who can offer you training to boost your current levels of knowledge in the research interest areas we are keen to explore.

The project will involve analysis of a range of published and unpublished sources, some oral histories with mental health practitioners and service-users, as well as archival research and travel.

The project may also become interdisciplinary, and involve collaboration with academics in health and medicine, depending on the scoping of the topic.

Research will include:

  1. primary data collection including archival and oral history interviews
  2. analysis of data
  3. theoretical and methodological work and
  4. contributions to team publications


A full scholarship of $26,282 p.a.,  with tuition and stipend for three years, indexed in January each year.


Master’s degree or equivalent (for example, a First Class BA Honours degree) in History. Both international and Australian applicants will be considered.


Expressions of interest should include a cover letter, project proposal (1-2 pages), and curriculum vitae (CV). If you have any questions about your application, please contact Catharine Coleborne (catharine.coleborne@newcastle.edu.au)

Contact: Catharine Coleborne
Email: catharine.coleborne@newcastle.edu.au
Phone: +61 02 4913 8040

Link: Click Here

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