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14 Th08 2015

Fellowship 2016 KF Fellowship for Korean Language Training

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2016 KF Fellowship for Korean Language Training 
Since 1993, the Korea Foundation has offered an annual fellowship program for Korean language training for the general promotion and dissemination of the Korean language, which is the basis of promoting Korean studies and Korea-related activities overseas. In accordance with the guidelines listed below, the Foundation is currently accepting applications for its 2016 KLT program.

 Program Goal
This program provides an opportunity for graduate students of Korean studies overseas, Korean studies researchers and those working in Korea-related fields to learn Korean in an intensive immersion program at a university in Korea for at least six months.

 Eligible Applicants 
Persons majoring in Korean studies (eligible areas: humanities, social sciences, culture/arts), are currently involved in Korea-related research, or work in Korea-related fields who correspond to one of the following profiles may apply for this fellowship. All those who apply must be able to understand and speak at least basic-level Korean.

1. Undergraduate students
Major or minor in Korean studies (or Korean language) in one of the following areas: Southeast Asia,  Central Europe, CIS,  the Middle East, Central and South America, Africa 

Please note: Undergraduate students in their third or fourth year whose affiliated university is not located in one of the above-mentioned areas and does not have an official program in Korean studies or language but have taken at least eight Korea-related courses may also apply for the fellowship. In this case, the applicant must provide a grade transcript that verifies the course content. Also, the primary recommender (head of affiliation) should include in his/her recommendation a statement that there is no program in the major in question at the university as well as an explanation of the absence of the program.

2. M.A./Ph.D. candidates 

Graduate students pursuing a major or minor in a Korea-related field with a detailed thesis proposal on a Korea-related topic 

Link: https://apply.kf.or.kr/selectNoticeAndApplicationView.nkf?anucNo=A1P0000230&pageIndex=1

Chia sẻ:

Ngành Học: Ngôn ngữ&văn chương.

Danh mục học bổng: [:vi]Học bổng du học Hàn Quốc[:en]South Korean[:].

Bậc học: Fellowship.


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